Thursday, July 9, 2009

PISEN shock: a consumer revolution battery

PISEN shock: a consumer revolution battery

Recently, the China Battery Industry Association released the first time in Beijing "in 2005 Ni-MH laptop battery part of the market to buy the product quality like compared test results", the test results show that PISEN domestic brands, compared with foreign similar products thinkpad batteries, quality, performance are the same, part of the data also is superior to similar foreign brands.

Analysts pointed out that this test shows that a domestic battery has been fully equipped with brand and international brand, like the technology and quality, and shows the excellent price-performance of domestic brands, which will undoubtedly change in the consumer long-standing prejudices of domestic battery, which set off a silent revolution in battery consumption.

Competition in foreign, domestic battery talent show

The detection is based on rational choice and guide consumers nickel hydrogen batteries and test the quality of domestic brands conducted. Batteries have been seized PISEN, GP super, song music, next-generation, SONY, SANYO, Panasoinc a total of seven brands, AA and AAA is divided into two specifications of type, 14 samples. Light from the State Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the battery of test results has shown that this kind of comparative testing the market to buy the domestic brand batteries, in terms of performance indicators close to or more than foreign brands. Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. Tak first production license PISEN all Ni-MH battery indicator testing is come to the fore, among the best.

In cost-effective, the domestic brands are better than foreign brands. One on the 5th (AA) battery is the highest price-performance ratio PISEN battery, and a higher retail price of foreign brands Sanyo, SONY battery PISEN less than 1 / 2, and cost-effective and even the panasonic only PISEN the 1 / 3; 7 (AAA) batteries cost performance is the highest ranking wins goods, and even SONY PISEN 1 / 3 not to, it can be seen, the international well-known brands is far less than the cost of domestic with the quality of products.

Comparison of the detection is by the China Battery Industry Association, and based on national GB/T15100-2003 "alkaline or other non-acid electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack _ sealed nickel metal hydride rechargeable single cells" Detection standards, domestic and foreign brands of Ni-MH ThinkPad R50 Battery products for the main performance indicators of quality comparison testing.

The impact of consumer awareness and trigger trade cards,

The report from the testing, the battery PISEN sampling in all brands of batteries, the indicators and ahead of all the qualified foreign brands, attracted strong media attention. In fact, the German company produced the first "PISEN" and "dynamic core" family of products since 2004 have been listed in China and has been in the industry and the market was strong concern and praise. Some of these products have been a number of national patent and passed the China Quality Certification Center for Import and Export CQC certification issued by the CE certification and the EU. Experts believe that as consumer awareness of the depth and quality of domestic ThinkPad R50e Battery, once recognized, international brands will have to face very tough challenges. At present, many domestic enterprises in the industry's cost-effective campaign, the prices are real benefits to the consumers.

In fact, the battery brand abroad as the "global factory" based on the Chinese market, the only means of survival is the technical barriers, but once this barrier has been a breakthrough in battery will be made with very competitive prices to give foreign battery brand to the result of combat.

Brand: Who the main market ups and downs?

Perhaps some people believe that foreign manufacturers for many years to build brand value and market share, and goods will not win, next-generation battery in the edge detection of any impact. In fact, the premise of the quality of homogenization, the brand may be used only a high school is divided into low-end markets. Brand value because consumers can not override the interests and rational choice of the end consumer is ultimately the interests of maximizing the value of the brand of consumer goods for the purposes of this battery does not have much influence.

In fact, "PISEN" This brand has been in the digital power market has been fairly good performance, similar stores in the domestic IT industry ranked the market share rate of the first list. This not only depends on its excellent cost-effective, as well as German companies and distributors to set up the four security system: quality assurance system, the whole security system of services, depth of the price support system, marketing, branding security system.

China Battery Industry Association of battery test results released on domestic battery can effectively enhance the brand, but also enhance the scenery in the detection of the German first show confidence in the company. PISEN ThinkPad R51 Battery, ThinkPad R52 Battery manufacturers in Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd., chairman of German first said: "build China's first digital power supply brand is our business objectives, by 2010 the company will achieve operating revenues exceed 10 billion yuan in 2012 before entering the China's battery industry Top 5 of the grand goal."