Sunday, November 7, 2010

France's government relies on electric cars

France's government relies on electric cars

The French government wants to change the state vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly electric cars. The purchase of the planned 50 000 electric cars to start in autumn this year and for the corresponding contracts are advertised. The electric vehicles will come in public administration and public companies to use. The Post, the power company EDF and the SNCF railway company to obtain vehicles with electric drive. According to a report in the newspaper "Le Monde" in the next five years, even 100,000 electric cars are purchased.

At the post office to be used until the year 2013 about 10,000 electric vehicles, representing 25 percent of the total fleet. The newspaper reported the government would continue to strategically participate in the investment to build a battery factory for electric vehicles and work to ensure a state fund. The construction project is led by the French car manufacturer Renault and both the Atomic Energy Commission and the companies involved AESC. The location of the battery factory is Flins near the French capital Paris.

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