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Taking care of your laptop's battery

Taking care of your laptop's battery

Does it seem like no matter what you do, your computer is always out of battery power? It might be time to replace the battery. Every battery has a designed capacity-basically the amount of charge that it's designed to hold. Over time batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This means that even though you're fully charging your battery, the actual amount of power that the battery can hold is going down.

Some of the telltale signs that your battery is going bad are shorter use times, and subsequently, shorter times to recharge. If you notice the amount of time you can spend unplugged is going down, then chances are your battery has lost much of its ability to hold a charge. Another sign that your battery might be on the wane is that it takes less time to recharge. A battery that's going bad might also cause your computer to turn off or hibernate unexpectedly, even if the battery meter displays ample capacity remaining (70 or 80 percent).

Fortunately, Windows can help you know when your battery is unable to hold a full charge. When your battery gets down to 40 percent of its original capacity (that is, it can only hold 40 percent or less of its designed capacity after it has been charged), you'll see a notification via the battery meter icon that your battery might be going bad. This notification is new in Windows 7-earlier versions of Windows can't notify you when your battery is going bad. If you don't want to receive this notification, you can turn it off by clearing the check box on the battery meter.

Battery meter showing a notification that a battery might be going bad

Many batteries will show signs of problems well before reaching 40 percent of their original capacity. Also, many computer manufacturers have programs that you can use to measure the performance of your battery. These programs might be more sensitive to battery problems and should be used first to check the condition of your computer's battery. For more information about solutions to this problem, see Solutions to common battery problems.


Some computer manufacturers report the designed capacity of their batteries to be the level of the last full charge, so it's possible that your battery might be below the warning threshold without giving you any warning. If your computer continues to run out of battery too quickly, but your battery meter shows that it's fully charging, it might be time to consider replacing your battery. Check with your computer manufacturer for information about replacing your battery.

Using the battery meter to monitor power consumption

  • The battery meter is a handy tool located in the notification area of the Windows taskbar that makes it easy for you to keep an eye your computer's power consumption. The battery meter icon indicates whether your laptop is plugged in or whether it's running on battery power . When you point to the battery meter, you can see the percentage of battery charge remaining as well as an estimate of how much time you have until you'll need to plug your computer in.
  • When you click the battery meter icon, you can get more information-like which power plan you're using and, if you have more than one battery, how much charge is left in your second battery. You can also change power plans and access additional settings for managing more power options. For more information, see Battery meter: frequently asked questions.

Battery meter showing power plans

Using power plans to save your battery

One of the easiest ways to save your battery without affecting the performance of your computer is to use one of the built-in power plans that come with Windows. Power plans are basically collections of hardware and software settings that control how your computer uses power. There are two power plans that come with Windows that are useful for laptops:

Balanced. This is the plan that most laptops use by default. It offers full performance and display brightness when you need it and saves power during periods of inactivity.
Power saver. This plan can help you get the most from a single battery charge. It saves power by reducing system performance and screen brightness.

In addition to the power plans that come with Windows, your computer manufacturer might offer additional plans. You can also create your own power plan, or customize the settings for one of the existing plans. For more information, see Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme).

Getting the most out of your battery

In addition to using power plans to get the most mileage out of a battery charge, it's also important to take care of your battery to make sure you get the most life out of it.

  • Make sure you're following the manufacturer's instructions for charging and maintaining your battery. Only use a charger and power cord supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Don't let your battery get too hot (or too cold). A hot battery is a sign of trouble and usually means that your battery isn't working properly. You should stop using it right away. Also, make sure that your battery isn't exposed to extreme temperatures. Batteries are designed to work best at room temperatures. Avoid using (or even storing) batteries in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Use your battery to keep it fresh. Don't keep your computer plugged in all the time. It's a good idea to discharge and then recharge your laptop battery about once a month. Also, you should let your battery run down before you recharge it.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

France's government relies on electric cars

France's government relies on electric cars

The French government wants to change the state vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly electric cars. The purchase of the planned 50 000 electric cars to start in autumn this year and for the corresponding contracts are advertised. The electric vehicles will come in public administration and public companies to use. The Post, the power company EDF and the SNCF railway company to obtain vehicles with electric drive. According to a report in the newspaper "Le Monde" in the next five years, even 100,000 electric cars are purchased.

At the post office to be used until the year 2013 about 10,000 electric vehicles, representing 25 percent of the total fleet. The newspaper reported the government would continue to strategically participate in the investment to build a battery factory for electric vehicles and work to ensure a state fund. The construction project is led by the French car manufacturer Renault and both the Atomic Energy Commission and the companies involved AESC. The location of the battery factory is Flins near the French capital Paris.

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Price of solar cells in 2010

Price of solar cells in 2010

According to the American folk think tank, the World Institute and the Prometheus Institute forecast monitoring, solar cell prices in 2010 will be reduced by 40% or more, and become a major power generation means. World solar cell market in 2000 after the rapid increase of 6 times in a single year of 2006, up nearly 50% over the previous year. So far, Germany and Japan as the market center, the future will be Spain and the United States. Less silicon raw material used for several years probably can be solved, now many manufacturers have to reduce the cost of production in 2010 is expected to be lower than 40%.

As the silicon raw material shortages and price increases, promoting the efficient use of silicon technology and thin film amorphous silicon solar cells or the development, projected to reduce costs. Thin-film solar cells has led to "Silicon Valley" venture capital department concerned with the existing methods using different modes of production expected to be a lot cheaper supply. Report that in the near future, solar cells can be fully competitive with the existing price of electricity.

In 1966, the first fuel cell vehicle came

In 1966, scientists and engineers, General Motors launched the world's first fuel cell vehicle, which is a modification of the General Motors C Handivan, known as Electrovan. 250 team members, painstakingly study took two years, finally make the wheels can really drive the scientific laboratory, and demonstrated the feasibility of the potential of fuel cell technology.

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Eramet global nickel supply and demand forecast to improve

Eramet global nickel supply and demand forecast to improve

France ERAMET Group has recently released the 2008 global nickel supply and demand conditions forecast. According to the forecast of nickel oversupply situation in 2008 than in 2007 would improve. January 2008 to December apparent consumption of nickel is expected to 1.435 million tons, output was 1.455 million tons, the excess 20,000 tons. The actual supply and demand of nickel in 2007 the number of the world were: consumption of 1.368 million tons, output of 1.436 million tons, 68,000 tons surplus. Therefore, the 2008 is still excess supply of nickel, but lower than in 2007 improved.

Apparent consumption of nickel is based on the global stainless steel production. World stainless steel production in 2007 28.099 million tons, annual output is expected to 3019 2008. Million tons, an increase of 7.4% over 2007. It is expected that in 2008 the world consumption of nickel may be more apparent increase of 4.9% in 2007.

However, ERAMET said China nickel pig iron production of nickel in 2008 will affect supply and demand. Chinese nickel pig iron production by the impact of the increased possibility of oversupply of nickel.

ERAMET said, China's imports of nickel ore stocks lower estimated 8.5 million tons, nickel content 10 tons. Market sources said that if the batch processing of nickel ore into nickel pig iron, nickel supply the world market will be uncertain to what extent.

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Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Europe, some streets will be the use of "solar trees" by the solar-powered prototype facilities and appearance on the streets.

Vienna Ringstrasse leisure in Austria in October 2007 the street was set up this solar tree. They can provide enough light for the night.

Despite the clouds full days without direct sunlight, but solar tree can store enough solar energy. This tree can be used for solar street lighting.

Solar tree street in Vienna

Solar trees set of solar electric LED lighting systems can reduce carbon emissions.

2006 European street lighting electricity consumption of the total electricity used by 10%, or 20,000 KWh, equivalent to 2.9 billion tons of carbon emissions.

Austria Graz city population of nearly 300,000, use energy efficient lighting, the 2005 data, saving 524,000 KWh of electricity, festival capital € 67,200.

Solar tree branches on the set of 10 solar lights, each composed of 36 solar cells, they also have a rechargeable battery and electronic systems.

Sensor for measuring the brightness of space, and start automatically at sunset and sunrise solar light solar lights automatically turn off.

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LME nickel prices fall to two months maximum

LME nickel prices fall to two months maximum

Beijing July 25, according to foreign media reports, nickel prices in London fell for the highest level in two months due to stainless steel producers to reduce the use of nickel. Copper, aluminum and tin prices also fell.

As of 16:45 local time until the London Metal Exchange (LME) three-month nickel contract price for delivery in 1201 U.S. dollars fell to 18,749 U.S. dollars per ton, down 6% from May 22 is the highest since the decline is June 20, 2006 now has the lowest price.

China's largest stainless steel producer in Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. said today that the company plans to produce more products with low nickel content. The world's fourth-largest stainless steel maker Outokumpu Group (Outokumpu OYJ), said nickel prices down by weakening demand and the impact of the construction industry, the company's dealers have delayed purchases.

Barclays Capital commodities analyst in London Sudakshina Unnikrishnan said: "stainless steel industry, there are no positive trends. China, the United States and Europe weakened demand for nickel."

LME nickel prices fell this year, 28%, is the six LME industrial metals in a decrease in the maximum, because the nickel price in May 2007 51,800 U.S. dollars per ton on the contact record high, the stainless steel producers began to reduce The use of nickel. Outokumpu Group said the drop in prices of nickel inventories of the Group's value decline, leading to its first-quarter operating loss suffered.

LME copper prices fell 190.25 U.S. dollars up to 7889.75 U.S. dollars per ton, down 2.4% since June 13 is the lowest price today. According to the daily LME inventory data, the exchange of copper inventories rose 1,425 tons to 130,875 tons, or 1.1%.

LME Lead prices fell 42 dollars to 2,170 U.S. dollars per ton, down 1.9%; aluminum prices down 47 dollars to 2,959 U.S. dollars per ton; of zinc fell 75 dollars to 1,850 U.S. dollars per ton; the price of tin fell 750 U.S. dollars to 22,350 U.S. dollars per ton.

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Bad year for investors

Bad year for investors

Most investors will not like to look back to 2008. After the strong stock market in 2007, the financial crisis led to dramatic drops in the stock markets. But the German market broke nearly in half. hp pavilion ze4400 battery

"That was a disaster," says Lothar Gries of the Protection of Shareholders (SdK). "In almost all investors, it should" give a very low, minus the deposit, he added. The German Bank speaks of an "annus horribilis". The benchmark index Dax broke the year as a 40 per cent and was quoted yesterday at 4652 points, after 2007 still increased by about 20 percent. The M-Dax fell by as much as 46 percent to 5264 points and is currently the TecDax fell by 53 percent to 459 points.

The largest losses were registered again because of the financial crisis in the Dax, the Bank values. Hypo Real Estate fell down, by 92 percent to 2.88 euros. German Postbank broke a 77 percent to 12,94 euros, Commerzbank fell by 76 percent to 6.25 euros and German bank became cheaper by 69 percent 25.99 euros. Already in 2007 they had heard because of the emerging financial crisis on the most losers. hp pavilion zt3000 battery

The title of "Worst Dax-value" shares the Hypo Real Estate but with Infineon, which also lost 92 percent. Already last year they had fallen by 18 percent, the worst paper in the leading index. From the former high of around 95 €, the share of the former Siemens subsidiary, has now mutated at 0.65 euros at the Penny-Stock.

The clearest winner was Volkswagen, which became more expensive by 98 percent and the year was yesterday quoted at around € 308.00. In the wake of the announced takeover by Porsche, the share of Europe's largest car company on speculation by financial investors through so-called short sales had increased for short periods even at over 1000 €. In addition, could only withdraw Dax rookie K + S the downward trend. The papers of the Kassel fertilizer producers recorded an increase of two percent. lenovo 3000 g550 battery

In the second row got especially ProSiebenSat.1 under the wheels. The share of the Munich television group lost 92 percent to 1.47 euros. Is seen critical in particular that can be the majority owner Permira and KKR by the Group in spite of high debt to pay strong dividends. Also, the retail group Arcandor (Thomas Cook, Karstadt, Quelle) recorded with 85 percent to € 2.70 a drastic fall in prices. The company writes still deep red numbers.

The only M-Dax-winners were the North German Affinerie with a gain of 9.5 percent to 29.17 euros. Europe's largest copper smelter, which exceeded several times the profit expectations of experts, has benefited from the acquisition of Belgian competitor Cumerio as well as from the entry of the steel group Salzgitter. hp pavilion zt1130 battery

In a particularly strong TecDax broke Solar shares. Above all, Conergy fell by 96 percent to 0.89 euros. The financially troubled Hamburger solar provider has several profit warnings still not recovered. Could only convince Epcos. The shares of the Munich manufacturer of electronic components goods rose by 58 percent to 19.80 euros. They benefited from the takeover by the Japanese electronics company TDK, which now holds 94 percent of Epcos.