Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad year for investors

Bad year for investors

Most investors will not like to look back to 2008. After the strong stock market in 2007, the financial crisis led to dramatic drops in the stock markets. But the German market broke nearly in half. hp pavilion ze4400 battery

"That was a disaster," says Lothar Gries of the Protection of Shareholders (SdK). "In almost all investors, it should" give a very low, minus the deposit, he added. The German Bank speaks of an "annus horribilis". The benchmark index Dax broke the year as a 40 per cent and was quoted yesterday at 4652 points, after 2007 still increased by about 20 percent. The M-Dax fell by as much as 46 percent to 5264 points and is currently the TecDax fell by 53 percent to 459 points.

The largest losses were registered again because of the financial crisis in the Dax, the Bank values. Hypo Real Estate fell down, by 92 percent to 2.88 euros. German Postbank broke a 77 percent to 12,94 euros, Commerzbank fell by 76 percent to 6.25 euros and German bank became cheaper by 69 percent 25.99 euros. Already in 2007 they had heard because of the emerging financial crisis on the most losers. hp pavilion zt3000 battery

The title of "Worst Dax-value" shares the Hypo Real Estate but with Infineon, which also lost 92 percent. Already last year they had fallen by 18 percent, the worst paper in the leading index. From the former high of around 95 €, the share of the former Siemens subsidiary, has now mutated at 0.65 euros at the Penny-Stock.

The clearest winner was Volkswagen, which became more expensive by 98 percent and the year was yesterday quoted at around € 308.00. In the wake of the announced takeover by Porsche, the share of Europe's largest car company on speculation by financial investors through so-called short sales had increased for short periods even at over 1000 €. In addition, could only withdraw Dax rookie K + S the downward trend. The papers of the Kassel fertilizer producers recorded an increase of two percent. lenovo 3000 g550 battery

In the second row got especially ProSiebenSat.1 under the wheels. The share of the Munich television group lost 92 percent to 1.47 euros. Is seen critical in particular that can be the majority owner Permira and KKR by the Group in spite of high debt to pay strong dividends. Also, the retail group Arcandor (Thomas Cook, Karstadt, Quelle) recorded with 85 percent to € 2.70 a drastic fall in prices. The company writes still deep red numbers.

The only M-Dax-winners were the North German Affinerie with a gain of 9.5 percent to 29.17 euros. Europe's largest copper smelter, which exceeded several times the profit expectations of experts, has benefited from the acquisition of Belgian competitor Cumerio as well as from the entry of the steel group Salzgitter. hp pavilion zt1130 battery

In a particularly strong TecDax broke Solar shares. Above all, Conergy fell by 96 percent to 0.89 euros. The financially troubled Hamburger solar provider has several profit warnings still not recovered. Could only convince Epcos. The shares of the Munich manufacturer of electronic components goods rose by 58 percent to 19.80 euros. They benefited from the takeover by the Japanese electronics company TDK, which now holds 94 percent of Epcos.

Door number 19 provides for portable listening

Door number 19 provides for portable listening

Five more days until Christmas and you still need a little extra to make your gift package is complete? With today's Tip of the Advent friends are happy - wherever you go. hp pavilion ze4900 battery

There are some people who can no longer fall asleep without audio book. Many probably handled with the CD-radio on the bedside table and gropes in the dark for the buttons or annoyed about dröhende voices from the great stereo.

It is also easier - and for little money. If the person receiving this gift does not accept a reasonably current phone cards with more than 2 gigabytes of memory or SD cards with the addition of HC each device. This manual should be consulted or the manufacturer are in demand. Also product reviews on the Internet Article condition often results information., It is probably also a place for an integrated memory card. Which are always cheaper - depending on the card there are 2 gigabytes starting at € 4 on the Grabbeltisch of the electronics market. lenovo 3000 g530 battery

Then fit a number of audio books - such as a file of or as a copy of the CD. With the built-in speaker near the pillow, or (for Strahlungsängstliche) on the bedside table is provided by the phone for the bedtime story. With the headphones on the phone to stay with the audio books through the world and of course also fit a lot of music, photos and videos on such a card.