Friday, January 8, 2010

China’s lead-acid battery industry

China’s lead-acid battery industry

Technological advances contributed to the rapid development of storage canon bg-e6 battery grip industry, making it one of the emerging sunrise industries. However, because the main raw material lead-acid batteries – lead prices in the second half of 2004 a substantial increase, and continued to maintain a high price to run, lead-acid battery industry profit decline.

In recent years, along with changes in market demand, lead-acid batteries continue to improve production methods and processes, manufacturing, ladder, canon eos 20d battery grip specific energy, cycle life, performance, consistency, the use of safety and environmental protection continues to increase. With the electric bicycle battery power supply such as the development of high-temperature curing technology is vgp-bps2 , vgp-bps2a advancing rapidly.

Is generally believed that high temperature curing can increase the battery life in recent years, and the ratio of negative additives also accumulated a large number of parameters, and identified a number of regular experience. Domestic for other advanced technologies, such as winding-type vgp-bps2b , vgp-bps2c batteries, bipolar type, thin plates, etc. are still in the research stage, there is no mass production.

Current Situation of China’s lead-acid battery industry

Current Situation of China’s lead-acid battery industry

Since joining the WTO, along with relevant national and international VGP-BPS8,VGP-BPS8A battery industry, driving manufacturers increase investment in China, China’s rapid development lead-acid battery industry, the annual growth rate of more than 30%. At the same time as the increasing international market demand, China has become the world’s largest exporters of lead-acid batteries.

China’s lead-acid battery technology and the gap between the international level was not obvious, car batteries at the international advanced level, power use, VGP-BPS9,VGP-BPS9/B battery technology for electric bikes close to the international advanced level.

After more than 20 years of development, maintenance-free and sealed storage battery has achieved great achievements in technological advances, so that lead-acid batteries, not only in transportation, military and national defense are widely used traditional areas, and is widely used with solar PV, wind power, communications power supply, power transformation and distribution systems, rail, marine communications, starting, lighting, power supply VGP-BPS9/S, VGP-BPS9A/B, UPS power supply.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger

SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger

Good product launch of Summit SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger solution, for dslr battery grip.

WPG Group Pinjia Summit Group recently been actively promoting the new SMB138 lithium-ion battery, SMB138 can be directly AC / DC converter and USB interface for an input power to provide handheld devices (Mobile / Hand-Held Device canon bg-e2n battery grip) Best charging solution. With built-in automatic adjustment mechanism can be based on the size of the input power self-regulating charge current and high efficiency Switching Mode ways to implement the battery charge is different from the traditional linear (Linear Mode) charging significantly improve the charging efficiency to save charge time, heat, PCB space, has been plagued by the problem for engineers.

SMB138 is industry’s most advanced manufacturing process, in order to 3MHz Switching Mode Converter for the core, providing canon bg-e3 battery grip and more than 90% of the conversion efficiency, output charge current is more up to 1.25A. With a patent TurboCharge ™ features, allowing users to be able to meet the USB 2.0 specification, the input by the system in accordance with the situation appropriately adjust the size of the charge current, full and effective use of input power, will charge up to the clinical seep through the menu every letter. In addition, SMB138 also provides USB OTG (On-The-Go) function, without additional components be installed, may be provided separately 5V/500mA output, offer services such as mobile devices are commonly used with canon bg-e5 battery grip, such as the Bluetooth Headset, Torch Light, etc. Application of power.

Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

Via: Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

“In the light inside the dark room, you can simply point the root candles charge a mobile phone andfujitsu t4220 battery.” Recently, the constant light XX industry’s new mobile phone sales channels on multiple TV broadcast such a film. According to its propaganda also said Cloudy can charge direct sunlight can also be charged, etc. Recently, these allegations has caused a lot of industry questioned. Stakeholders said that the current optical switching technology is still far from mobile phones can not meet their daily needs. Solar energy truly realize, however, still need to charge a long time for HSTNN-OB53.

Quality inspection departments offer free testing on-site quality of mobile phone batteries, eg: vgp-bps9s

Digital Day event the mobile phone of course need to “join in the fun.” As participation in this section only a professional digital communications stores, Shaanxi CellStar Telecommunications preparing for this for a lot of exciting content, much more energetic in the VGP-BPS10 with digital section of a big show.