Sunday, November 7, 2010

France's government relies on electric cars

France's government relies on electric cars

The French government wants to change the state vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly electric cars. The purchase of the planned 50 000 electric cars to start in autumn this year and for the corresponding contracts are advertised. The electric vehicles will come in public administration and public companies to use. The Post, the power company EDF and the SNCF railway company to obtain vehicles with electric drive. According to a report in the newspaper "Le Monde" in the next five years, even 100,000 electric cars are purchased.

At the post office to be used until the year 2013 about 10,000 electric vehicles, representing 25 percent of the total fleet. The newspaper reported the government would continue to strategically participate in the investment to build a battery factory for electric vehicles and work to ensure a state fund. The construction project is led by the French car manufacturer Renault and both the Atomic Energy Commission and the companies involved AESC. The location of the battery factory is Flins near the French capital Paris.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Price of solar cells in 2010

Price of solar cells in 2010

According to the American folk think tank, the World Institute and the Prometheus Institute forecast monitoring, solar cell prices in 2010 will be reduced by 40% or more, and become a major power generation means. World solar cell market in 2000 after the rapid increase of 6 times in a single year of 2006, up nearly 50% over the previous year. So far, Germany and Japan as the market center, the future will be Spain and the United States. Less silicon raw material used for several years probably can be solved, now many manufacturers have to reduce the cost of production in 2010 is expected to be lower than 40%.

As the silicon raw material shortages and price increases, promoting the efficient use of silicon technology and thin film amorphous silicon solar cells or the development, projected to reduce costs. Thin-film solar cells has led to "Silicon Valley" venture capital department concerned with the existing methods using different modes of production expected to be a lot cheaper supply. Report that in the near future, solar cells can be fully competitive with the existing price of electricity.

In 1966, the first fuel cell vehicle came

In 1966, scientists and engineers, General Motors launched the world's first fuel cell vehicle, which is a modification of the General Motors C Handivan, known as Electrovan. 250 team members, painstakingly study took two years, finally make the wheels can really drive the scientific laboratory, and demonstrated the feasibility of the potential of fuel cell technology.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eramet global nickel supply and demand forecast to improve

Eramet global nickel supply and demand forecast to improve

France ERAMET Group has recently released the 2008 global nickel supply and demand conditions forecast. According to the forecast of nickel oversupply situation in 2008 than in 2007 would improve. January 2008 to December apparent consumption of nickel is expected to 1.435 million tons, output was 1.455 million tons, the excess 20,000 tons. The actual supply and demand of nickel in 2007 the number of the world were: consumption of 1.368 million tons, output of 1.436 million tons, 68,000 tons surplus. Therefore, the 2008 is still excess supply of nickel, but lower than in 2007 improved.

Apparent consumption of nickel is based on the global stainless steel production. World stainless steel production in 2007 28.099 million tons, annual output is expected to 3019 2008. Million tons, an increase of 7.4% over 2007. It is expected that in 2008 the world consumption of nickel may be more apparent increase of 4.9% in 2007.

However, ERAMET said China nickel pig iron production of nickel in 2008 will affect supply and demand. Chinese nickel pig iron production by the impact of the increased possibility of oversupply of nickel.

ERAMET said, China's imports of nickel ore stocks lower estimated 8.5 million tons, nickel content 10 tons. Market sources said that if the batch processing of nickel ore into nickel pig iron, nickel supply the world market will be uncertain to what extent.

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Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Europe, some streets will be the use of "solar trees" by the solar-powered prototype facilities and appearance on the streets.

Vienna Ringstrasse leisure in Austria in October 2007 the street was set up this solar tree. They can provide enough light for the night.

Despite the clouds full days without direct sunlight, but solar tree can store enough solar energy. This tree can be used for solar street lighting.

Solar tree street in Vienna

Solar trees set of solar electric LED lighting systems can reduce carbon emissions.

2006 European street lighting electricity consumption of the total electricity used by 10%, or 20,000 KWh, equivalent to 2.9 billion tons of carbon emissions.

Austria Graz city population of nearly 300,000, use energy efficient lighting, the 2005 data, saving 524,000 KWh of electricity, festival capital € 67,200.

Solar tree branches on the set of 10 solar lights, each composed of 36 solar cells, they also have a rechargeable battery and electronic systems.

Sensor for measuring the brightness of space, and start automatically at sunset and sunrise solar light solar lights automatically turn off.

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LME nickel prices fall to two months maximum

LME nickel prices fall to two months maximum

Beijing July 25, according to foreign media reports, nickel prices in London fell for the highest level in two months due to stainless steel producers to reduce the use of nickel. Copper, aluminum and tin prices also fell.

As of 16:45 local time until the London Metal Exchange (LME) three-month nickel contract price for delivery in 1201 U.S. dollars fell to 18,749 U.S. dollars per ton, down 6% from May 22 is the highest since the decline is June 20, 2006 now has the lowest price.

China's largest stainless steel producer in Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. said today that the company plans to produce more products with low nickel content. The world's fourth-largest stainless steel maker Outokumpu Group (Outokumpu OYJ), said nickel prices down by weakening demand and the impact of the construction industry, the company's dealers have delayed purchases.

Barclays Capital commodities analyst in London Sudakshina Unnikrishnan said: "stainless steel industry, there are no positive trends. China, the United States and Europe weakened demand for nickel."

LME nickel prices fell this year, 28%, is the six LME industrial metals in a decrease in the maximum, because the nickel price in May 2007 51,800 U.S. dollars per ton on the contact record high, the stainless steel producers began to reduce The use of nickel. Outokumpu Group said the drop in prices of nickel inventories of the Group's value decline, leading to its first-quarter operating loss suffered.

LME copper prices fell 190.25 U.S. dollars up to 7889.75 U.S. dollars per ton, down 2.4% since June 13 is the lowest price today. According to the daily LME inventory data, the exchange of copper inventories rose 1,425 tons to 130,875 tons, or 1.1%.

LME Lead prices fell 42 dollars to 2,170 U.S. dollars per ton, down 1.9%; aluminum prices down 47 dollars to 2,959 U.S. dollars per ton; of zinc fell 75 dollars to 1,850 U.S. dollars per ton; the price of tin fell 750 U.S. dollars to 22,350 U.S. dollars per ton.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad year for investors

Bad year for investors

Most investors will not like to look back to 2008. After the strong stock market in 2007, the financial crisis led to dramatic drops in the stock markets. But the German market broke nearly in half. hp pavilion ze4400 battery

"That was a disaster," says Lothar Gries of the Protection of Shareholders (SdK). "In almost all investors, it should" give a very low, minus the deposit, he added. The German Bank speaks of an "annus horribilis". The benchmark index Dax broke the year as a 40 per cent and was quoted yesterday at 4652 points, after 2007 still increased by about 20 percent. The M-Dax fell by as much as 46 percent to 5264 points and is currently the TecDax fell by 53 percent to 459 points.

The largest losses were registered again because of the financial crisis in the Dax, the Bank values. Hypo Real Estate fell down, by 92 percent to 2.88 euros. German Postbank broke a 77 percent to 12,94 euros, Commerzbank fell by 76 percent to 6.25 euros and German bank became cheaper by 69 percent 25.99 euros. Already in 2007 they had heard because of the emerging financial crisis on the most losers. hp pavilion zt3000 battery

The title of "Worst Dax-value" shares the Hypo Real Estate but with Infineon, which also lost 92 percent. Already last year they had fallen by 18 percent, the worst paper in the leading index. From the former high of around 95 €, the share of the former Siemens subsidiary, has now mutated at 0.65 euros at the Penny-Stock.

The clearest winner was Volkswagen, which became more expensive by 98 percent and the year was yesterday quoted at around € 308.00. In the wake of the announced takeover by Porsche, the share of Europe's largest car company on speculation by financial investors through so-called short sales had increased for short periods even at over 1000 €. In addition, could only withdraw Dax rookie K + S the downward trend. The papers of the Kassel fertilizer producers recorded an increase of two percent. lenovo 3000 g550 battery

In the second row got especially ProSiebenSat.1 under the wheels. The share of the Munich television group lost 92 percent to 1.47 euros. Is seen critical in particular that can be the majority owner Permira and KKR by the Group in spite of high debt to pay strong dividends. Also, the retail group Arcandor (Thomas Cook, Karstadt, Quelle) recorded with 85 percent to € 2.70 a drastic fall in prices. The company writes still deep red numbers.

The only M-Dax-winners were the North German Affinerie with a gain of 9.5 percent to 29.17 euros. Europe's largest copper smelter, which exceeded several times the profit expectations of experts, has benefited from the acquisition of Belgian competitor Cumerio as well as from the entry of the steel group Salzgitter. hp pavilion zt1130 battery

In a particularly strong TecDax broke Solar shares. Above all, Conergy fell by 96 percent to 0.89 euros. The financially troubled Hamburger solar provider has several profit warnings still not recovered. Could only convince Epcos. The shares of the Munich manufacturer of electronic components goods rose by 58 percent to 19.80 euros. They benefited from the takeover by the Japanese electronics company TDK, which now holds 94 percent of Epcos.

Door number 19 provides for portable listening

Door number 19 provides for portable listening

Five more days until Christmas and you still need a little extra to make your gift package is complete? With today's Tip of the Advent friends are happy - wherever you go. hp pavilion ze4900 battery

There are some people who can no longer fall asleep without audio book. Many probably handled with the CD-radio on the bedside table and gropes in the dark for the buttons or annoyed about dröhende voices from the great stereo.

It is also easier - and for little money. If the person receiving this gift does not accept a reasonably current phone cards with more than 2 gigabytes of memory or SD cards with the addition of HC each device. This manual should be consulted or the manufacturer are in demand. Also product reviews on the Internet Article condition often results information., It is probably also a place for an integrated memory card. Which are always cheaper - depending on the card there are 2 gigabytes starting at € 4 on the Grabbeltisch of the electronics market. lenovo 3000 g530 battery

Then fit a number of audio books - such as a file of or as a copy of the CD. With the built-in speaker near the pillow, or (for Strahlungsängstliche) on the bedside table is provided by the phone for the bedtime story. With the headphones on the phone to stay with the audio books through the world and of course also fit a lot of music, photos and videos on such a card.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to hack forces the customer

How to hack forces the customer

The inexpensive alternative in the digicam batteries no longer work lenovo battery. And the mp3 player will not work with every computer. Such restrictions are common in electronics practice. And the client? The pitfalls, the difficulty. We show you how.

The message: Panasonic blocked with software updates for its digital cameras (often cheaper) batteries, accessories manufacturers. The argument is Panasonic in the past often discussed security issues (some fake) to accessories batteries that could catch fire.

Criticism: A rogue who thinks evil, but that so often observed pattern also fits here: With competitors restrictions applied specifically excluded from the accessories market and its own batteries may continue to be sold at the price of its own. Cited by Panasconic lenovo x200 battery security concerns may seem reasonable, but a few thousand other companies in the market apparently still have the problem under control. Thereby acting the arguments advanced.

The reality: Panasonic is in good company. On the whole market for hardware and software manufacturers are trying to secure their living and shut out the competition - Customer loyalty the hard way. If there is a general advice to protect against the tricks of the manufacturer is, then it means that information before purchase. We have collected some examples that consumers constantly belch sour, and added some solutions. The list could be extended but still arbitrary.

Printer: probably the most prominent example: The printer manufacturers try their expensive ink for color printers by all means before the low cost to protect. A measure for the examples are encrypted chips in the ink tanks of Canon printers, which are necessary for the operation. Cartridges without these chips do not work with the argument that the level indicator of the cartridges would no longer guaranteed, and thus can break the printer.

Solution: The alternative providers do not sleep and have their own adapters developed with chips. Other hand, believes the quality of Billigtinten not always - especially in photographic prints a weighty argument thinkpad x200s battery.

Game Consoles

Playstation games that do not work on a Nintendo console, is somehow still understandable. Now the console but offer a lot of technical possibilities that are not used by the manufacturers. Free or third party programmer can not use this without a license - Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to install locks on their consoles. Thus, just not DVDs be played on the Wii, Nintendo DS lite could not be used for mobile browsing, despite wifi access.

The argument of the prevention of piracy is legitimate. But regardless of any third-party risk and the potential business models of the console manufacturers themselves - even if they often take years to implement.

Remedy: Hackers find a way anywhere - even on the game. The so-called homebrew scene offers alternative software and games of all kinds for the different devices. The use is not illegal, but means a guaranteed loss for the owner of the consoles.

Ipod without itunes: Using a mp3 player it depends on the computer, and pushes his music on it, no matter what machine - clear cause. Unless you have an iPod. His music is synchronized to Apple's iTunes will only send and only on one computer. Resourceful hackers circumvent this barrier, although from time to time, but with a new system software for the Apple iPod does the gaps regularly.

Remedy: If the lock of the own iPod model cracked and functions other programs besides iTunes thinkpad x200t battery, it is permissible to non-iPod recorded with a new system software. This means ideally, Komplettverzicht on iTunes, for that update the iPod automatically via the Internet.

Windows Mobile phones: smart phones with the Microsoft operating system, its data exchange smoothly only with a type of software: with Microsoft's Active Sync for Windows Mobile or the device manager of Windows Vista. In addition there is the program Outlook to manage not only files but also calendar, contacts and tasks on the PC. This is mostly to buyers of used equipment without Outlook come at cost of around € 120. For Macintosh owners, there are third-party software, but this usually costs money. An alternative solution with the free FinchSync and Thunderbird as an Outlook replacement is implemented hired to set up but for Basic too demanding.

Remedy: third-party software on the Mac, learning the procedure with FinchSync and Thunderbird.

Internettelfonie / Skype in the mobile phone network: mobile phones with WLAN technology and mobile Internet phone calls are also likely over the Internet - free of charge or within a data plan. In contrast, however, the German network operators have missed something, but because they believe their income through traditional phone calls.

Remedy: Try it in Internet search. Not all providers terminate Internet telephone calls, you can telephone with data rates of pure prepaid providers, for example. Sometimes the locks are only in the terms and conditions, but are technically not implemented and avoidable.

File Formats lenovo x60 tablet battery

Software vendors like to bake their own bread. This results in files that can be opened or edited only with your own program. The program seeks to protect, for example, MindManager, Mindjet's patents, the manufacturer, produces mmap files. These are not third-party software to edit or not saved again so that they can be used with Mindmanager.

Remedy: Use only a free and open formats in 2009 realistic - for example with open-source software such as the Open Office suite for the office or Gimp for graphics processing. Not all programs only allow a file format that can be partially stored in other, if it is acceptable for a loss of some functions

The iphone as a wireless modem to use: Convenient: The new iPhone can finally be used as a wireless modem, that is, the device stays in the pocket, the laptop dials into the Internet via the iPhone. Too bad: T-Mobile Germany cut off this function and would probably have this money for the switch. The Austrian network operator to see the whole relaxed and allow the modem use of the iPhone.

Workaround: There is probably only surrender to the iPhone's use of a separate tariff with a separate modem or telephone.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Verbatim introduces its first USB 3.0 hard drives

Verbatim introduces its first USB 3.0 hard drives

The 3.5-inch desktop model "USB 3.0 Desktop HDD" comes with 1 or 2 TB capacity. is a portable 2.5-inch version is between 500 and 1000 GB. Prices range 91-201 €.

Verbatim has launched its first external hard drives with USB 3.0 interface on the market. In addition to a desktop model with 1 or 2 TB capacity is now also a portable version with a 500 or 1000 GB of memory available.

The 3.5-inch drive dell tc030 battery "USB 3.0 Desktop HDD" and the 2.5-inch version "USB 3.0 Portable HDD Store'n'Go" are delivered with the backup and burning software, Nero BackItUp Essentials & Burn. Verbatim's "Green Button" solution is to reduce the energy consumption, adding the disks to be transferred to a defined time period or at the touch into a sleep mode.

To use the full speed, can a USB 3.0 controller card is required. His 2-TB desktop hard drive offers for Verbatim € 201.49 bundled with such a card for the PCI Express port. Solo does the USB 3.0 Desktop HDD € 176.49. The portable versions, which are powered by USB cable with power costs, depending on capacity of between € 91.49 and € 176.49.

The USB Implementers Forum had published the final specification of USB 3.0 in November 2008 on the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference in San Jose. The interface allows a maximum transfer rate of 4.8 Gbit / sec, delivering up to ten times faster than its predecessor.

Verbatim's first USB 3.0 hard drives are now commercially available (Image: lenovo 3000 n500 battery).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Acer introduces 17-inch business notebook with Core-i-CPU

Acer introduces 17-inch business notebook with Core-i-CPU

The Travelmate 7740 comes with a up to 2.53 GHz Intel processor and lenovo thinkpad z60m 2529 battery DirectX 11 graphics from AMD. Its non-glare display solves 1600 by 900 pixels. It appears in early June from 799 €.

Acer Travelmate in early June a new notebook with 17-inch display and an Intel Core series processor or core i5 i3 announced. The suggested retail price for the business model Travelmate 7740 is € 799.

Buyers have the choice between the i5 Core CPUs 430M, 520M and 540m (2.26 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 2.53 GHz) or Core-i3 versions 330M and 350M (2.13 GHz, 2, 26 GHz). The processor has a maximum 8 GByte DDR3 RAM and up to 640 GB of hard drive to the side.

The matte 17.3-inch LED-backlit lenovo thinkpad z60t battery display has a native 16:9 resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels. As a graphic solution comes in addition to the integrated Intel GMA chip HD either a DirectX 11 GPU type ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 or HD 5650 for the use of AMD.

Other features include wireless (802.11b/g/n), Gigabit Ethernet, a multi-in-1 card reader and a dual-layer DVD burner. Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR or 3.0 HS and HD Webcam (1280 x 1024 pixels) can be ordered optionally.

For the connection of peripherals are available including three USB 2.0 ports dslr battery grip, and each one VGA and HDMI output. The duration of the 4400 mAh battery gives Acer with up to 3.5 hours. The operating system is the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional.

The Travelmate 7740 measures 27.5 by 3.6 times 41 centimeters and weighs 2.9 kilograms. Acer granted a two year warranty. It can be extended to three years.

The TravelMate 7740 is the beginning of June to the starting price of 799 euros on the market (Image: Acer).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Samsung introduces touchscreen phone with an integrated solar module

Samsung introduces touchscreen phone with an integrated solar module

The case of the Blue Earth S7550 is made from recycled water bottles hp pb992a battery. Facilities include WLAN, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth and a 3.2-megapixel camera. The quad-band phone to appear at the end of November for 399 € without contract.

Samsung has announced the S7550, the Blue Earth according to their own information world's first touchscreen phone with an integrated solar panel hp pb994a battery. An hour of light will provide enough power for up to ten minutes of talk time.

In eco-mode, display lighting and reduces the duration of the backlight and switch off the Bluetooth function to increase energy efficiency. Using an integrated pedometer calculates the mobile phone on request, in comparison to the car will cut CO2 emissions and shows the basis lenovo thinkpad t60p battery of tree symbols to the number of saved by trees.

The shell of the phone is made from recycled water bottles and free of health and environmentally hazardous substances such as flame retardants, beryllium, and plasticizers. The charger consumes, according to Samsung standby less than 0.03 watts. The packaging consists of recycled paper.

The capacitive 3-inch touch screen of the S7550 dissolved with 240 by 400 pixels at 16 million colors. The 180 MB of internal memory can be expanded using MicroSD card. The TouchWiz user interface is available in version 2.0 and will allow quick access to applications such as hp pb995a battery camera, radio, or games. The pre-installed widgets can download more.

Additional features of the quad-band phones are a 3.2-megapixel camera with face detection and Smile, WLAN, UMTS with HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbps), Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, a multimedia player and Exchange ActiveSync. Apart from the solar panel a Lithium-Ion battery provides 1080 mAh of electricity. The phone measures 10.8 times 5.4 times 1.4 cm and weighs 119 grams

The Blue Earth S7550 will come the end of November for 399 € without contract in the trade. The sale supports the Samsung conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the expansion of protected area in the Uckermark.

The Blue Earth on the S7550 can be mounted on the back of solar panel supply electricity (Image: Samsung).

Friday, June 4, 2010

VZ-group open to external applications

VZ-group open to external applications

Initially only available programs by selected partners apple powerbook g4 power adapter. About so-called business cards to users to specify what personal information they make available to third parties. The applications are free.

The FT Group, operators of social networks MeinVZ, SchülerVZ and StudiVZ, opens for external applications. First, only selected applications are available, for example, the teacher evaluation of the software vendor or platform Spickmich wooga apple ibook g4 battery.

According to the latest data SchülerVZ margins for the company promises to be OpenSocial concept for "a comprehensive data protection solution." Pro application is available for users so-called business card available, they can set the access will be allowed if and what personal information on a program apple ibook g3 battery.

The applications should in principle be free to users. For the second quarter of 2010, plans to introduce a VZ-group payment function can acquire with the user, for example, virtual goods, within applications. The marketing take over the VZ networks under a revenue sharing model kodak klic-7004 battery.

End of November, the business network LinkedIn opens its platform for third party developers. To gain access to the programming interface (API), a registration is necessary. This is to prevent malicious or unreasonable applications kodak klic-7005 battery.

Via: VZ-group open to external applications

Asus brings 15-inch notebook with turbo technology

Asus brings 15-inch notebook with turbo technology

The UL50VT offers a choice of 33 percent overclock kodak klic-7000 battery. It works with a low-power Intel dual-core processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a 320 GB hard drive. The price is € 899.

Asus has expanded its notebook line in early October presented "UnLimited (UL) for a 15-inch model. The UL50VT-XO037V is equipped with Asus’ overclocking technology "Turbo33" which would provide up to one third more power kodak klic-7001 battery.

The UL50VT is powered by a 1.3 GHz Intel processor, the Core 2 Duo SU7300 range (800 MHz front side bus, 3 MB L2 cache). The CPU has 4 GB DDR3-1066 RAM and a 320 GB hard disk to the side. The anti-glare 15.6-inch display with LED-backlit display has a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

As an integrated graphics solution in the Intel GS45 Express Chipset Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD is used. In addition, the New Release on a discrete Nvidia GeForce graphics type G210M dedicated with 512 MB of memory. Depending on requirements, users can switch between two graphics chips sony vgp-bps9 battery.

Other facilities include Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, a VGA webcam, a dual-layer DVD burner, a Multitouchpad and a "Chiclets" keyboard with individually-cut keys. For connecting peripherals with three USB ports, a 4-in-1 card reader as well as one VGA and HDMI port are available.

The views UL50VT measures 38.6 25.9 by 2.6 inches and weighs about 2.4 kilograms sony vgp-bps9/b battery. The duration of the built eight-cell battery with 5600 mA are the manufacturers with up to twelve hours.

Asus provides the silver 15-inch notebook with preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit off). The suggested retail price of 899 €. The guarantee period is two years, including pick-up.


The Asus UL50VT can be a button to overclock up to 33 percent (Image: sony vgp-bps9/s battery).

Via: Asus brings 15-inch notebook with turbo technology

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First DirectX 11 graphics cards, the ATI Radeon HD 5570 series introduced

This article via: First DirectX 11 graphics cards, the ATI Radeon HD 5570 series introduced

First DirectX 11 graphics cards, the ATI Radeon HD 5570 series introduced

The boards come with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128 bit wide memory interface. The GPU is clocked at 650 MHz. The first cards are expected in the near future at prices from 75 euro to come on the market.

HIS, PowerColor and Sapphire have presented its first graphic card models with AMD’s graphics processor “Redwood LE”, which is manufactured in the 40-nanometer process and supports DirectX 11th The boards of the ATI Radeon HD 5570 series have 400 stream processing units and a 128-bit wide memory interface.

The Newcomers work with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, the default clocked at 900 MHz (1800 MHz effective). The graphics chip runs at a clock of 650 MHz. All values correspond to the reference design from AMD.

The new Radeon cards support PCI-Express 2.1, Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 3.2 ATI CrossfireX technology, Unified Video Decoder (UVD), which should relieve the CPU when playing Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies. In addition can be made using Eyefinity control up to three monitors. The introduced technology produced by AMD in connection with several displays a panoramic view of games and applications with a maximum resolution of 5760 by 1080 pixels.

With the included ATI and DirectX 11 with Direct Stream Compute and OpenCL the GPUs also all key components that are important for GPGPU computing, for example to convert videos faster.

The cards from HIS, PowerColor and Sapphire offer standard next to a DVI connector with an HDMI port and a VGA output. There are also variations with DisplayPort on the market. consume under full load the cards, according to the manufacturers maximum of 45 watts, so they do not require additional power supply. For cooling provides a single-slot fan.

The new entry-level graphics cards will be available shortly. So far have only been HIS a suggested retail price: The low-profile card “HIS HD 5570 Fan 1GB DDR3 PCIe, which fits through a small height and 17 centimeters long and narrow in housing will cost 79 euros in this country. Various Internet retailer list the cards already starting from 75 euros. For about 5 euros more you get, however, have a significantly faster DirectX 10 card of the type ATI Radeon HD 4850th


The Radeon HD 5570 cards should provide sufficient capacity is not too demanding 3D games (Image: HIS).

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shuttle Launches Mini-PC Barebone Series

Shuttle Launches Mini-PC Barebone Series

The initial model is based on Intel's SG41J1 G41 Express chipset with integrated graphics chip. It supports Intel's Core 2 CPUs and up to 8 GB of DDR2 RAM. The price is 174 euros.

Shuttle has expanded its Mini PC portfolio with the XPC Barebone model SG41J1. The first of the new J-series come with a reworked from scratch on aluminum enclosure for Mini-ITX mainboards. It has one external 5.25-inch drive bay and two internal 3.5-inch bays.

The base is Intel's G41 Express chipset with integrated GMA X4500 graphics chip. The barebone supports the processors series Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core and Celeron 4xx for Socket 775 1333 MHz front side bus with 800 to.

In two memory banks can be mounted up to 8 GB DDR2-667/800/1066-RAM, which works in Dual Channel mode. For a discrete graphics solution, a PCI Express x16 slot is available. The adjacent PCI slot is blocked when using a double-slot graphics card, however. For hard drives, three SATA-2 ports, one PATA interface.

Also offers the XPC SG41J1 Gigabit Ethernet, a 6-channel HD audio chip, PS / 2 ports for mouse and keyboard, a DVI output as well as eight USB 2.0 ports (two onboard). The power of the system takes a 250-watt power supply with Active PFC circuit.

To automatically include controlled cooling fan, large air vents and an optimized airflow. Optionally, a heat-pipe cooling is available. Pre-assembled cables are to facilitate assembly. Per Kensington lock can be of 32.5 times 21.5 times 19-centimeter mini-PC protected from theft.

Shuttle XPC Barebone SG41J1 is now commercially available. The suggested retail price is 174 euros. Suppliers can be found on the shuttle Store Locator. Other models of the J-series will introduce shuttle in the coming weeks.

The Barebone SG41J1 comes with a revised chassis. The XPC logo in the front is illuminated (Image: Shuttle).

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SanDisk Introduces SDXC memory card with 64 GB

SanDisk Introduces SDXC memory card with 64 GB

It offers transmission speeds of up to 15 MByte / s. The capacity is enough for 8 hours of HD video with a resolution of 1080p. In the U.S., the memory costs $ 349.

SanDisk SDXC Card offers 64 GB of storage space (Photo: SanDisk).

SanDisk has launched a 64 GB hard SDXC memory card on the market. The SanDisk Ultra SDXC achieved according to the manufacturer a read speed of up to 15 MByte / s, which corresponds to the speed class 4.

According to the SanDisk card for storing high-definition video is suitable, which can be written with 9 MB / sec. It supports the SD 3.0 specification and Microsoft's file system exFAT. The capacity of 64 GB is more than eight hours of video at a resolution of 1080p sufficient.

So far, only support a few devices SDXC memory cards. SanDisk expects, however, that the standard will soon be in high-definition televisions, Blu-ray players and recorders, cameras and video cameras, mobile phones, navigation systems and computers are finding their way.

SanDisk offers the Ultra-SDXC cards with a lifetime guarantee, which is in some countries, however, limited to ten years. In the U.S., the memory card is available now for $ 349. The manufacturer has been specified or no date for a launch in Europe.

Other suppliers of 64 GByte SDXC cards are Panasonic and Toshiba. Your models will go on sale in the spring.

SDXC The specification was adopted by the SD Association in April 2009. It applies to memory cards with a capacity of 32 gigabytes to 2 terabytes. In contrast is the SDHC standard for media containing 4 to 32 GB of storage space.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CeBIT: TRENDnet announces energy-saving Powerline adapters

CeBIT: TRENDnet announces energy-saving Powerline adapters

The model TPL-303E transmits data, music and videos encoded with up to 200 Mbit / s. The power consumption is 3.5 watts in operation and 0.93 watts in standby. The device comes in May for 59 euros in the trade.

Trendnet has at CeBIT in Hannover (Hall 17, stand D70/06) presented a power-saving Powerline adapter with a theoretical transfer speed of up to 200 Mbps. The model TPL-303E is to consume 3.5 watts in operation and in standby 0.93 watts, which corresponds to the producers showed a saving of around 70 percent over conventional products.

The device uses the AV-version (Audio / Video) of the HomePlug standard for data transfer via the power line. This can prioritize traffic for streaming. Overall, up to 16 adapters by pressing a button with each other.

To protect against unauthorized access and hackers of the TPL-303E 128-bit encryption by using AES. There is no need for additional software. LED lights provide information about the connection status.

The TPL-303E is expected to be available in May for 59 euros on the market. Alternatively, Trendnet then a package with two adapters (TPL 303E2K) at a price of 99 euros. The warranty is three years.

The TPL-303E Powerline adapter allows theoretical speeds of up to 200 Mbps (Image: Trendnet).

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CeBIT: Kingston introduces economical DDR3 memory

CeBIT: Kingston introduces economical DDR3 memory

The top of the HyperX LoVo-series runs at 1600 MHz with a supply voltage of 1.25 volts. Alternatively, it can be operated with 1866 MHz at 1.35 volts. It comes as a dual-channel kit with 4 GB in the market.

Kingston has introduced under the series name "HyperX LoVo" particularly energy-efficient DDR3 memory modules. The top model KHX1866C9D3LK2/4GX works with 1600 MHz at a supply voltage of 1.25 volts. Alternatively, it can be operated at 1.35 volts with 1866 MHz.

In addition, Kingston Dual-Channel Kits at 1600 MHz at 1.35 volts (KHX1600C9D3LK2/4GX) and 1333 MHz at 1.25 volts (KHX1333C9D3UK2/4GX) to. The memory modules enable latency settings of 9-9-9-27.

The 4-GB kits were for energy-efficient desktop PCs developed to achieve high performance with reduced power consumption. Kingston has tested all products on an Asus motherboard type P7P55D EVO.

The memory modules come with a lifetime warranty and 24-hour support. The prices are not fixed yet.

The new 4 GB DDR3 kit can be with 1600 MHz at a latency of 1.25 volt power supply and operate CL9 (Image: Kingston).

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Asus Eee Box 1501 now with Blu-ray drive?

Asus Eee Box 1501 now with Blu-ray drive?

Asus has the Eee Box mini PC is already a compact EB1501 complete computers with optical drive in the offer. So far, however, the PC can only access CDs and DVDs. If one believes, however, the entries of a Swiss price comparison, Asus will soon be offering a model with Blu-ray drive.

The famous Eee Box EB1501 is based on Nvidia's chipset Ion. She makes fast a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor along with 2 GB of RAM, an integrated GeForce 9400M graphics and a 250-gigabyte hard drive as its own. As operating system Windows 7 Home Premium is used. In these matters it is to remain in a modified model. However, this does not have an integrated DVD burner but more a Blu-ray drive. An HDMI output for outputting high-resolution film is already in the known configuration available, so the ability to play HD movies might fail only on the hardware. This is unlikely, however, because the Eee Box EB1501 is fitted quite well.

What remains is the question of whether Asus actually an update of the complete plans small PCs. In our comparison is found by the alleged changes yet. However, this leads to almost any of the shops listed on the Swiss price comparison. On the Asus site there is still no word on a Blu-ray drive in the Eee Box EB1501. With a stated price of 629 Swiss francs (roughly 425 euros) for Blu-ray-enabled Eee Box EB1501 but in a realistic measure would be more expensive than those listed previously listed version with DVD drive (as from about 480 Swiss francs approximately 325 euros) is. In this country, the Eee Box EB1501 at least 380 euros will cost, so that even the Blu-ray model will be more expensive if it happens.

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Apple's MacBook Pro now with Core i5?

Apple's MacBook Pro now with Core i5?

Rumors are always particularly attractive, if it appears to them a little story. In this case, the story begins in the last year. But what happened? Intel has these days, indirectly, an upgrade to the MacBook Pro announced series of Apple, which will bring at least one new core i5.

The processor manufacturer raffled among the dealers in its Intel-Retail Edge program, a new MacBook Pro, which is to be fitted in the announcement, however, with a current processor technology from the year 2010. Know not only diligent readers, so that only the current core processors may be meant to "Arrandale" basis. Intel says this fact frankly up to the lottery announcement. The processor giant is faster than the California MacBook forging itself, which has so far announced an update of their own notebook series. Although expected to stand firm in secret, that the agenda this year, an update of the platform, which then also the latest processor technology uses. That such models but even directly in front of the door, so far not penetrated through to this extent.

Ironically, it went the other way last year. At the time Apple announced the new Mac Pro systems, the availability of Intel's Nehalem-based CPUs on. In an interview with Intel, we were able to learn at the time that the processor manufacturer was surprised by so much zeal by Apple itself. Whether it is similar to Apple now? Nevertheless, the identification should now what the next Apple event on 27 January in San Francisco also revealed. The event will be traded as a platform for the presentation of a possible Apple Tablet - new MacBook Pro is so on top as a supplement.

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Universal laptop AC/DC power adapter

Universal laptop AC power adapter

Universal laptop ac power adapter
is adjustable, brand new and high efficiency. The universal AC (range 100V-240V) to DC (range 12V ~ 21V) power adapter will power your laptop perfectly, and 8 most common connectors that can be used with almost all notebook computers.
Inout Volt: AC 100V-240V can be used worldwide
Input Frequency: 47 -- 63 HZ
Output Volt: 15v, 16v, 17v, 18v, 19v, 20v, 21v, 24v(90w adapter only) adjustable
Other Information:Brand new, best replacement for the original product. We offer volume discounts for you, and ac power adapter are 1 year warranty! 30 days money back!
Universal laptop AC power adapter
Universal laptop DC power adapter

Fujitsu lifebook T4220 tablet pc Battery

Replacement For fujitsu lifebook T4220 tablet pc Battery
[4400mAh,10.8V] Brand new fujitsu lifebook T4220 tablet pc Battery & charger
FUJITSU lifebook T4220 tablet pc laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM lifebook T4220 tablet pc battery which can works with a lot of fujitsu notebook laptop computer. fujitsu lifebook T4220 tablet pc laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh
Net Weight: 309.00(g) Dimension: 128.7 x 79.5 x 20.2mm

Fujitsu lifebook T4220 tablet pc Battery

Monday, February 8, 2010

Japanese Nokia battery incident

The Japanese government sony vgp-bps10a/b battery ordered the Nokia battery incident report submitted by the deadline

For the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia mobile phone battery heating fire incidents have occurred, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry ordered on the 17th of this month on the 24th Japanese company Nokia and battery information, required to submit reports.

Based on daily necessities Security Act of Japan’s consumer goods manufacturers and importers of major accidents in mastering the information within 10 days from the date is required to submit the relevant report by the Industrial Policy Bureau. After producing provinces that Nokia in violation of this provision.

Nokia Extended Battery incident report suspected violations of the laws of Japan sony vgp-bpl10 battery etc.

According to Japanese media reports, sources revealed recently that the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry has asked the Nokia mobile phone battery caused Japanese companies to provide a detailed explanation of the incident, especially in the report why the extension of product quality failures. Last week, Nokia announced that, because of overheating risks, the company will be a worldwide recall of 46 million lithium batteries Panasonic products, and free for the user to replace.

The source said that the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry was asked last Friday, President of Nokia Japan tall Mukherjee (Tyler McGee) to provide mobile phone batteries overheating information. However, the final determination of the sector, Nokia Japan, companies should provide more necessary information. Nokia previously said the company has received 100 cases in the global mobile phone batteries overheating reported, but so far there were no injuries were reported. Nokia, mainly through its purchase of Japan’s Matsushita sony vgp-bps8 battery.

METI plans to Nokia, Japanese companies in dealing with incidents of batteries overheating if there are problems under investigation. According to Japan’s Consumer Product Safety Act, in the informed product quality and after a fault occurs, manufacturers and importers should be within 10 days of the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry report. However, Nokia was informed that the Japanese mobile phone batteries overheating in the accident-related sony vgp-bps9/s battery information, with a 16 days time to submit a report. However, Maike Ji denied breaking laws, insisting that Japanese companies did not delay the Nokia report.

According to the Japanese Economy and Industry, said a Panasonic mobile phone battery on July 28 in Osaka on fire and burned part of the floor, when the piece of the battery is charging. Shortly afterwards, the Japanese fire department this incident as a “fire.” Nokia Japan last Wednesday to the Japanese Economy and Industry submitted a report, this time from the accident, has been in the past 16 days. Nokia Japan argue that until the fire department determined to make the accident of sony vgp-bps9/b battery, the company realized the seriousness of the accident, but at this time is August 6.

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Electric vehicle batteries

From 2005 to the present, Zhengzhou city of electric Dell Battery cars has increased by 40 million vehicles, along comes a surprising number of discarded batteries treatment. Recently, as more consumers have bought from the battery "shrunk", electric vehicle battery recall issue has again aroused people’s attention. A large number of scrap battery is a face-lift once again into the market? In response, journalists launched an investigation.

【Event】 cell shrink originally "remelt recycling"

July 17, Zhengzhou, Liu riding public electric car to buy food, go out not long after, the electric vehicle battery indicator becomes red, while the speed is also gradually falling down. "End of electric charge to ride two days before, a quick power of the powerless!" Liu was depressed, with original equipment batteries scrapped after the July 7, he was in the Yellow River Road, an electric car repair shop for a new set of batteries, but it took less than 10 days, charge into the electricity dell 1691P , dell 1G222 , dell 1X793 found less and less time to charge after the continued use reduced from four days to two days.

Mr. Liu feels wrong to him to find a repair shop replace the battery. Examined Liu in the hands of the receipt when you buy batteries, the staff admitted their piece of the battery, and promised to post-test, if it does not meet their commitment to quality, they gave Mr. Liu replaced. Mr. Liu, the battery in the quality of questioning, the staff vaguely that some of the battery scrap, you can be re-"reform", and then sold into the market, this piece of the battery may be the case. As for how to "reform", they said do not know.

】 【Doubt where the flow of scrap batteries?

Beginning in 2004, Zhengzhou market, rapid growth in the number dell 3r305 , dell 6Y270 , dell 75uyf of electric cars, has become an important means of transport people. According to Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wang Henan electric vehicle introduced in 2004 in Zhengzhou, electric cars years ago, is still relatively small, but in 2005 a sudden increase to 30 million units in 2006 has increased by more than 10000, the current number has now been close to 50 million.

As a power source of electric vehicles, electric vehicle batteries scrapped the number has soared, according to each cell a ~ 2-year life span, then it starting in 2006, an alarming number of batteries discarded each year. "In general, the summer we can recover 15 per month group used batteries, the winter can reach 30 group 40 group." Giant Center, said after-sales service, only they are a brand, the annual recycling of used batteries in Zhengzhou more than 300 groups.

The reporter has learned, Zhengzhou electric vehicles on the market well-known brands have at least 40, which does not include those brand-name manufacturers. Moreover, the past two years has entered the peak period of electric vehicle batteries discarded every year scrapped a few dell 851uy , dell 8N544 , dell C1295 100,000 electric vehicle batteries, but so many of the discarded batteries and the places where the final flow, but it is a suspense.

【Inside】 cells may have three kinds of flows

1. Some repair shops recovery "processing", the low-cost sales

July 16, reporters with their own electric vehicle batteries scrapped the ground, respectively, to waste recycling companies, individuals who received waste, street repair shops, electric car distribution Inquiry found that this power has been unable to provide a "waste" also able to 50 at prices ranging from 120 yuan to be acquired.

Chang waste received master said they changed hands could be sold to scrap the battery company. Cheng East electric vehicles in opening a repair shop in Mr. Liu said that accumulate to a certain amount of battery recycling, will someone come to collect their own only know that they may be sent to the battery factory. "We are manufacturers do not recall, but consumers can take the old battery to us trade-in." Giant after-sales service center Mr Zhao said that because the battery can not be apart dell D5318 , dell F287F , dell FK890, to return the factory can no longer use, so they had to the recovery of old batteries are sold on the streets of the repair shop. In the ensuing investigation, Arminio and other brands of after-sales service department also said that they used is similar to the approach.

2. Refining recycling, re-made batteries

Navigation Road, electric vehicle market, some operators multiple brands of electric cars is a clear commitment to business, the old battery can be 50 ~ 120 yuan a price recovery. A dealer on condition of anonymity, said the old battery finally went to a small battery factory is used to extract one of the lead, after processing, you can re-made battery. However, according to his understanding, Zhengzhou electric vehicles on the market brand-name manufacturers do not recall the fundamental, the final flows were the same.

3. Refinery refining pure lead

Zhejiang, an electric car manufacturer based in Zhengzhou, agent Song Qiang (a pseudonym), enter the electric car industry for almost eight years, he told reporters yesterday, a number of brand-name electric car battery recycling factory will be, will be one of the extract of lead, and then own re-made a new battery into the market, one of lead battery scrap, generally around 5% can be extracted from pure lead.

In addition to this collection, the Song, claiming there are some small dell G069H , dell G5266 , dell GD761 , private refineries, the battery inside using indigenous methods of lead extraction, lead ingots cast after the high-priced resale. It was his understanding that the private refineries are generally located in suburban or rural areas, the use of technology and equipment is relatively backward, but in recent years due to lead prices up, so there is not a small profit. "Some small repair shop, but also that he would waste the battery modification, and then re-sold." He said that, in addition to refining of lead outside the use of used batteries, another is "melted down reform", a number of electric car repair shop will be Spent electrolyte inside the battery replaced, the battery can store electricity again, and then sold to consumers low prices. He admits that transformed the battery can not be supported for too long, but due to low prices coupled with some consumers do not understand, they still have a certain market.

【】 Economic benefits and let the policy reasons for elevated

In October 2003, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Construction, Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "Waste Battery Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Policy," which stipulated, the electric vehicle manufacturers must take responsibility for recycling of waste batteries. However, in practice, because of transportation and storage costs of such links as larger expenses, this requirement is almost null and void.

Navigation on the road a certain brand of electric car dealers calculations to reporters, the dell GK479 , dell HD438 , dell KD186 battery transportation according to the "dangerous goods" to pay various charges. If the manufacturers send vehicles recycling batteries, nearly 0.4 yuan per catty required to pay the transportation and storage costs, charges at least annually spend hundreds of million yuan.

Large number of unauthorized acts of the prevalence of recycling of used batteries, it is due to profitable.

Pollution of the environment against】 【more market turmoil

At present, the use of electric vehicles on the market are generally lead-acid batteries, which the main component of the electrolyte is sulfuric acid, is highly polluting. A waste battery recycling prices generally 50 yuan to 120 yuan, far from enough of its harmless disposal.

Song Qiang said, private extraction point and the repair shop simply can not afford and can not be properly handled acid batteries are normally direct dumping. A recovery of the battery repair shop owners admit that they are the battery of lead extraction procedure is first to use saws to cut open the shell, acid directly into the sewers, leaving only a shell of lead and, although aware of acid will pollute the , but "there is no other way."

In addition to pollution, disruption to the consumer dell KD476 , dell tc030 , dell TD347 battery recycling has also created fooled possible. Mr. Liu expressed the anger, no longer believe that a bargain.

】 【Way out policy in place, regulators are in place

Zhengzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said a staff member, the battery inside the acid will pollute the environment is not in doubt, but because of Zhengzhou City, has yet to introduce relevant policies, regulations, although they have to understand this situation, but also suffer from no "law" may in accordance with "there is no support for the relevant regulations, even if we received a report that the dumping of waste was separated cells, nor punishment, only advice with battery news."

He said pollution of used batteries for electric vehicles of this situation, they also attach great importance, but also specifically to find out about the practice of the field, they also hope the relevant regulatory policies as soon as possible.

It is understood that Beijing had previously promulgated regulations, by industry and commerce, quality supervision of law enforcement and other agencies to require electric vehicle manufacturers to enter the market must be committed to the future of the used batteries for recycling, otherwise not allowed to enter the market, through such policies can make the market on the used batteries last a reasonable "way back."

Ultra-thin rechargeable battery available

Rensselaer Polytechnic University, the researchers said dell U4873 , dell Y9943 , dell RN873 they ionization liquid electrolyte by laying a layer of vertical nanotubes, has developed an ultra-thin battery. The results of a cellulose paper can store electrical energy generated.

Rensselaer Polytechnic University research team through the back of the paper to place the second nanotube electrode, a positive increase in the paper, a lithium electrode to produce an ultra-capacitor body, creating what they call the ultra-thin rechargeable battery.

"Carbon nanotubes embedded in the paper, the electrolyte immersion paper, so that its appearance, feel and weight and paper is no different," Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Professor Robert ‧ Lienhardt said.

Nano-components of paper with carbon nanotubes (black section) produced ultra-thin and ultra-capacitor energy storage cell body.

Super-capacitor body and rechargeable battery is the Rensselaer Polytechnic University, 3 Laboratory for collaborative research a year and a half results. A laboratory manufacturing carbon nanotube structures, we have to be adapted as a battery electrode. Perpendicular to the laying of a piece inspiron 1100 battery , inspiron 1300 battery of paper nanotubes, in the "nanotube forests" in the liquid into the cellulose, so the formation of the battery. The other laboratory systems to increase lithium electrode and the composition of the second nanotube electrode rechargeable battery or super capacitor body.

First of all ionization liquid dissolved cellulose, it would be transformed into gel. Liquid also serves as the battery electrolyte, the ion battery from one end of the paper delivered to the other side.

Each cell produces about 2.4 volts of paper, the power density of 0.6 milliamperes per centimeter. To get a higher voltage, the paper can be superimposed. Need for more power, paper size can be expanded. Rensselaer Polytechnic University, researchers have claimed that the inspiron 1420 battery , inspiron 1501 battery paper negative temperature 100-300 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature range can be faster and generate electricity. This kind of paper can be folded or cut into many shapes vol.

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fujitsu FPCBP155AP Battery

Replacement For fujitsu FPCBP155AP Battery
[4400mAh,10.8V] Brand new fujitsu FPCBP155AP Battery & charger
FUJITSU FPCBP155AP laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM FPCBP155AP battery which can works with a lot of fujitsu notebook laptop computer. fujitsu FPCBP155AP laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh
Net Weight: 309.00(g) Dimension: 128.7 x 79.5 x 20.2mm

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fujitsu FPCBP155 Battery

Replacement For fujitsu FPCBP155 Battery
[4400mAh,10.8V] Brand new fujitsu FPCBP155 Battery & charger
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Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh
Net Weight: 309.00(g) Dimension: 128.7 x 79.5 x 20.2mm

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fujitsu lifebook T4220 Battery

Replacement For fujitsu lifebook T4220 Battery
[4400mAh,10.8V] Brand new fujitsu lifebook T4220 Battery & charger
FUJITSU lifebook T4220 laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM lifebook T4220 battery which can works with a lot of fujitsu notebook laptop computer. fujitsu lifebook T4220 laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh
Net Weight: 309.00(g) Dimension: 128.7 x 79.5 x 20.2mm

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fujitsu lifebook T4210 Battery

Replacement For fujitsu lifebook T4210 Battery
[4400mAh,10.8V] Brand new fujitsu lifebook T4210 Battery & charger
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Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh
Net Weight: 309.00(g) Dimension: 128.7 x 79.5 x 20.2mm

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fujitsu FPCBP121AP Battery

Replacement For fujitsu FPCBP121AP Battery
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fujitsu FPCBP121 Battery

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fujitsu fpcbp95ap Battery

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Brand: fujitsu (Not OEM)
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Chemistry: Li-ion Volt: 11.1V Capacity: 4400mAh
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China’s lead-acid battery industry

China’s lead-acid battery industry

Technological advances contributed to the rapid development of storage canon bg-e6 battery grip industry, making it one of the emerging sunrise industries. However, because the main raw material lead-acid batteries – lead prices in the second half of 2004 a substantial increase, and continued to maintain a high price to run, lead-acid battery industry profit decline.

In recent years, along with changes in market demand, lead-acid batteries continue to improve production methods and processes, manufacturing, ladder, canon eos 20d battery grip specific energy, cycle life, performance, consistency, the use of safety and environmental protection continues to increase. With the electric bicycle battery power supply such as the development of high-temperature curing technology is vgp-bps2 , vgp-bps2a advancing rapidly.

Is generally believed that high temperature curing can increase the battery life in recent years, and the ratio of negative additives also accumulated a large number of parameters, and identified a number of regular experience. Domestic for other advanced technologies, such as winding-type vgp-bps2b , vgp-bps2c batteries, bipolar type, thin plates, etc. are still in the research stage, there is no mass production.

Current Situation of China’s lead-acid battery industry

Current Situation of China’s lead-acid battery industry

Since joining the WTO, along with relevant national and international VGP-BPS8,VGP-BPS8A battery industry, driving manufacturers increase investment in China, China’s rapid development lead-acid battery industry, the annual growth rate of more than 30%. At the same time as the increasing international market demand, China has become the world’s largest exporters of lead-acid batteries.

China’s lead-acid battery technology and the gap between the international level was not obvious, car batteries at the international advanced level, power use, VGP-BPS9,VGP-BPS9/B battery technology for electric bikes close to the international advanced level.

After more than 20 years of development, maintenance-free and sealed storage battery has achieved great achievements in technological advances, so that lead-acid batteries, not only in transportation, military and national defense are widely used traditional areas, and is widely used with solar PV, wind power, communications power supply, power transformation and distribution systems, rail, marine communications, starting, lighting, power supply VGP-BPS9/S, VGP-BPS9A/B, UPS power supply.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger

SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger

Good product launch of Summit SMB138 Programmable USB / AC Li-Ion charger solution, for dslr battery grip.

WPG Group Pinjia Summit Group recently been actively promoting the new SMB138 lithium-ion battery, SMB138 can be directly AC / DC converter and USB interface for an input power to provide handheld devices (Mobile / Hand-Held Device canon bg-e2n battery grip) Best charging solution. With built-in automatic adjustment mechanism can be based on the size of the input power self-regulating charge current and high efficiency Switching Mode ways to implement the battery charge is different from the traditional linear (Linear Mode) charging significantly improve the charging efficiency to save charge time, heat, PCB space, has been plagued by the problem for engineers.

SMB138 is industry’s most advanced manufacturing process, in order to 3MHz Switching Mode Converter for the core, providing canon bg-e3 battery grip and more than 90% of the conversion efficiency, output charge current is more up to 1.25A. With a patent TurboCharge ™ features, allowing users to be able to meet the USB 2.0 specification, the input by the system in accordance with the situation appropriately adjust the size of the charge current, full and effective use of input power, will charge up to the clinical seep through the menu every letter. In addition, SMB138 also provides USB OTG (On-The-Go) function, without additional components be installed, may be provided separately 5V/500mA output, offer services such as mobile devices are commonly used with canon bg-e5 battery grip, such as the Bluetooth Headset, Torch Light, etc. Application of power.

Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

Via: Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

“In the light inside the dark room, you can simply point the root candles charge a mobile phone andfujitsu t4220 battery.” Recently, the constant light XX industry’s new mobile phone sales channels on multiple TV broadcast such a film. According to its propaganda also said Cloudy can charge direct sunlight can also be charged, etc. Recently, these allegations has caused a lot of industry questioned. Stakeholders said that the current optical switching technology is still far from mobile phones can not meet their daily needs. Solar energy truly realize, however, still need to charge a long time for HSTNN-OB53.

Quality inspection departments offer free testing on-site quality of mobile phone batteries, eg: vgp-bps9s

Digital Day event the mobile phone of course need to “join in the fun.” As participation in this section only a professional digital communications stores, Shaanxi CellStar Telecommunications preparing for this for a lot of exciting content, much more energetic in the VGP-BPS10 with digital section of a big show.