Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

Via: Solar energy mobile phone appearance Guangzhou

“In the light inside the dark room, you can simply point the root candles charge a mobile phone andfujitsu t4220 battery.” Recently, the constant light XX industry’s new mobile phone sales channels on multiple TV broadcast such a film. According to its propaganda also said Cloudy can charge direct sunlight can also be charged, etc. Recently, these allegations has caused a lot of industry questioned. Stakeholders said that the current optical switching technology is still far from mobile phones can not meet their daily needs. Solar energy truly realize, however, still need to charge a long time for HSTNN-OB53.

Quality inspection departments offer free testing on-site quality of mobile phone batteries, eg: vgp-bps9s

Digital Day event the mobile phone of course need to “join in the fun.” As participation in this section only a professional digital communications stores, Shaanxi CellStar Telecommunications preparing for this for a lot of exciting content, much more energetic in the VGP-BPS10 with digital section of a big show.