Monday, March 22, 2010

Apple's MacBook Pro now with Core i5?

Apple's MacBook Pro now with Core i5?

Rumors are always particularly attractive, if it appears to them a little story. In this case, the story begins in the last year. But what happened? Intel has these days, indirectly, an upgrade to the MacBook Pro announced series of Apple, which will bring at least one new core i5.

The processor manufacturer raffled among the dealers in its Intel-Retail Edge program, a new MacBook Pro, which is to be fitted in the announcement, however, with a current processor technology from the year 2010. Know not only diligent readers, so that only the current core processors may be meant to "Arrandale" basis. Intel says this fact frankly up to the lottery announcement. The processor giant is faster than the California MacBook forging itself, which has so far announced an update of their own notebook series. Although expected to stand firm in secret, that the agenda this year, an update of the platform, which then also the latest processor technology uses. That such models but even directly in front of the door, so far not penetrated through to this extent.

Ironically, it went the other way last year. At the time Apple announced the new Mac Pro systems, the availability of Intel's Nehalem-based CPUs on. In an interview with Intel, we were able to learn at the time that the processor manufacturer was surprised by so much zeal by Apple itself. Whether it is similar to Apple now? Nevertheless, the identification should now what the next Apple event on 27 January in San Francisco also revealed. The event will be traded as a platform for the presentation of a possible Apple Tablet - new MacBook Pro is so on top as a supplement.

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