Friday, June 4, 2010

VZ-group open to external applications

VZ-group open to external applications

Initially only available programs by selected partners apple powerbook g4 power adapter. About so-called business cards to users to specify what personal information they make available to third parties. The applications are free.

The FT Group, operators of social networks MeinVZ, Sch├╝lerVZ and StudiVZ, opens for external applications. First, only selected applications are available, for example, the teacher evaluation of the software vendor or platform Spickmich wooga apple ibook g4 battery.

According to the latest data Sch├╝lerVZ margins for the company promises to be OpenSocial concept for "a comprehensive data protection solution." Pro application is available for users so-called business card available, they can set the access will be allowed if and what personal information on a program apple ibook g3 battery.

The applications should in principle be free to users. For the second quarter of 2010, plans to introduce a VZ-group payment function can acquire with the user, for example, virtual goods, within applications. The marketing take over the VZ networks under a revenue sharing model kodak klic-7004 battery.

End of November, the business network LinkedIn opens its platform for third party developers. To gain access to the programming interface (API), a registration is necessary. This is to prevent malicious or unreasonable applications kodak klic-7005 battery.

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