Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to hack forces the customer

How to hack forces the customer

The inexpensive alternative in the digicam batteries no longer work lenovo battery. And the mp3 player will not work with every computer. Such restrictions are common in electronics practice. And the client? The pitfalls, the difficulty. We show you how.

The message: Panasonic blocked with software updates for its digital cameras (often cheaper) batteries, accessories manufacturers. The argument is Panasonic in the past often discussed security issues (some fake) to accessories batteries that could catch fire.

Criticism: A rogue who thinks evil, but that so often observed pattern also fits here: With competitors restrictions applied specifically excluded from the accessories market and its own batteries may continue to be sold at the price of its own. Cited by Panasconic lenovo x200 battery security concerns may seem reasonable, but a few thousand other companies in the market apparently still have the problem under control. Thereby acting the arguments advanced.

The reality: Panasonic is in good company. On the whole market for hardware and software manufacturers are trying to secure their living and shut out the competition - Customer loyalty the hard way. If there is a general advice to protect against the tricks of the manufacturer is, then it means that information before purchase. We have collected some examples that consumers constantly belch sour, and added some solutions. The list could be extended but still arbitrary.

Printer: probably the most prominent example: The printer manufacturers try their expensive ink for color printers by all means before the low cost to protect. A measure for the examples are encrypted chips in the ink tanks of Canon printers, which are necessary for the operation. Cartridges without these chips do not work with the argument that the level indicator of the cartridges would no longer guaranteed, and thus can break the printer.

Solution: The alternative providers do not sleep and have their own adapters developed with chips. Other hand, believes the quality of Billigtinten not always - especially in photographic prints a weighty argument thinkpad x200s battery.

Game Consoles

Playstation games that do not work on a Nintendo console, is somehow still understandable. Now the console but offer a lot of technical possibilities that are not used by the manufacturers. Free or third party programmer can not use this without a license - Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to install locks on their consoles. Thus, just not DVDs be played on the Wii, Nintendo DS lite could not be used for mobile browsing, despite wifi access.

The argument of the prevention of piracy is legitimate. But regardless of any third-party risk and the potential business models of the console manufacturers themselves - even if they often take years to implement.

Remedy: Hackers find a way anywhere - even on the game. The so-called homebrew scene offers alternative software and games of all kinds for the different devices. The use is not illegal, but means a guaranteed loss for the owner of the consoles.

Ipod without itunes: Using a mp3 player it depends on the computer, and pushes his music on it, no matter what machine - clear cause. Unless you have an iPod. His music is synchronized to Apple's iTunes will only send and only on one computer. Resourceful hackers circumvent this barrier, although from time to time, but with a new system software for the Apple iPod does the gaps regularly.

Remedy: If the lock of the own iPod model cracked and functions other programs besides iTunes thinkpad x200t battery, it is permissible to non-iPod recorded with a new system software. This means ideally, Komplettverzicht on iTunes, for that update the iPod automatically via the Internet.

Windows Mobile phones: smart phones with the Microsoft operating system, its data exchange smoothly only with a type of software: with Microsoft's Active Sync for Windows Mobile or the device manager of Windows Vista. In addition there is the program Outlook to manage not only files but also calendar, contacts and tasks on the PC. This is mostly to buyers of used equipment without Outlook come at cost of around € 120. For Macintosh owners, there are third-party software, but this usually costs money. An alternative solution with the free FinchSync and Thunderbird as an Outlook replacement is implemented hired to set up but for Basic too demanding.

Remedy: third-party software on the Mac, learning the procedure with FinchSync and Thunderbird.

Internettelfonie / Skype in the mobile phone network: mobile phones with WLAN technology and mobile Internet phone calls are also likely over the Internet - free of charge or within a data plan. In contrast, however, the German network operators have missed something, but because they believe their income through traditional phone calls.

Remedy: Try it in Internet search. Not all providers terminate Internet telephone calls, you can telephone with data rates of pure prepaid providers, for example. Sometimes the locks are only in the terms and conditions, but are technically not implemented and avoidable.

File Formats lenovo x60 tablet battery

Software vendors like to bake their own bread. This results in files that can be opened or edited only with your own program. The program seeks to protect, for example, MindManager, Mindjet's patents, the manufacturer, produces mmap files. These are not third-party software to edit or not saved again so that they can be used with Mindmanager.

Remedy: Use only a free and open formats in 2009 realistic - for example with open-source software such as the Open Office suite for the office or Gimp for graphics processing. Not all programs only allow a file format that can be partially stored in other, if it is acceptable for a loss of some functions

The iphone as a wireless modem to use: Convenient: The new iPhone can finally be used as a wireless modem, that is, the device stays in the pocket, the laptop dials into the Internet via the iPhone. Too bad: T-Mobile Germany cut off this function and would probably have this money for the switch. The Austrian network operator to see the whole relaxed and allow the modem use of the iPhone.

Workaround: There is probably only surrender to the iPhone's use of a separate tariff with a separate modem or telephone.