Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Price of solar cells in 2010

Price of solar cells in 2010

According to the American folk think tank, the World Institute and the Prometheus Institute forecast monitoring, solar cell prices in 2010 will be reduced by 40% or more, and become a major power generation means. World solar cell market in 2000 after the rapid increase of 6 times in a single year of 2006, up nearly 50% over the previous year. So far, Germany and Japan as the market center, the future will be Spain and the United States. Less silicon raw material used for several years probably can be solved, now many manufacturers have to reduce the cost of production in 2010 is expected to be lower than 40%.

As the silicon raw material shortages and price increases, promoting the efficient use of silicon technology and thin film amorphous silicon solar cells or the development, projected to reduce costs. Thin-film solar cells has led to "Silicon Valley" venture capital department concerned with the existing methods using different modes of production expected to be a lot cheaper supply. Report that in the near future, solar cells can be fully competitive with the existing price of electricity.

In 1966, the first fuel cell vehicle came

In 1966, scientists and engineers, General Motors launched the world's first fuel cell vehicle, which is a modification of the General Motors C Handivan, known as Electrovan. 250 team members, painstakingly study took two years, finally make the wheels can really drive the scientific laboratory, and demonstrated the feasibility of the potential of fuel cell technology.

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