Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Solar tree appeared in the streets of Austria and Italy

Europe, some streets will be the use of "solar trees" by the solar-powered prototype facilities and appearance on the streets.

Vienna Ringstrasse leisure in Austria in October 2007 the street was set up this solar tree. They can provide enough light for the night.

Despite the clouds full days without direct sunlight, but solar tree can store enough solar energy. This tree can be used for solar street lighting.

Solar tree street in Vienna

Solar trees set of solar electric LED lighting systems can reduce carbon emissions.

2006 European street lighting electricity consumption of the total electricity used by 10%, or 20,000 KWh, equivalent to 2.9 billion tons of carbon emissions.

Austria Graz city population of nearly 300,000, use energy efficient lighting, the 2005 data, saving 524,000 KWh of electricity, festival capital € 67,200.

Solar tree branches on the set of 10 solar lights, each composed of 36 solar cells, they also have a rechargeable battery and electronic systems.

Sensor for measuring the brightness of space, and start automatically at sunset and sunrise solar light solar lights automatically turn off.

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