Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The attitude of consumers leave the battery

The attitude of consumers leave the battery:

Consumers of counterfeit goods are hated, they are likely to be direct victims of fake, but they can distinguish fake, how to buy cell phone batteries(Fujitsu lifebook t1010 battery , Fujitsu lifebook t2020 battery) do? Liu inaugural IT companies, for mobile phones is very interested in is also very concerned about the frequency of mobile phone to replace a year and a half or so, in the young consumers is fairly representative, Mr. Liu told us that he has been hated fake, on the one hand fake cell phone standby time is short, but life also affected the other hand, do not leave the battery with a practical, afraid of something happening all day long.

More importantly, no knowledge of the circumstances under which profiteers Huyou Maidaojiahuo is annoying more money did not say, there is a feeling fooled. So how about Canon LP-E5, Canon NB-1LH ?

However, how to distinguish fake, Mr. Liu admits that she's not sure, and now fakes the type, quantity very much, and the emergence of high imitation goods is very difficult to distinguish genuine.

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