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Electric vehicle batteries

From 2005 to the present, Zhengzhou city of electric Dell Battery cars has increased by 40 million vehicles, along comes a surprising number of discarded batteries treatment. Recently, as more consumers have bought from the battery "shrunk", electric vehicle battery recall issue has again aroused people’s attention. A large number of scrap battery is a face-lift once again into the market? In response, journalists launched an investigation.

【Event】 cell shrink originally "remelt recycling"

July 17, Zhengzhou, Liu riding public electric car to buy food, go out not long after, the electric vehicle battery indicator becomes red, while the speed is also gradually falling down. "End of electric charge to ride two days before, a quick power of the powerless!" Liu was depressed, with original equipment batteries scrapped after the July 7, he was in the Yellow River Road, an electric car repair shop for a new set of batteries, but it took less than 10 days, charge into the electricity dell 1691P , dell 1G222 , dell 1X793 found less and less time to charge after the continued use reduced from four days to two days.

Mr. Liu feels wrong to him to find a repair shop replace the battery. Examined Liu in the hands of the receipt when you buy batteries, the staff admitted their piece of the battery, and promised to post-test, if it does not meet their commitment to quality, they gave Mr. Liu replaced. Mr. Liu, the battery in the quality of questioning, the staff vaguely that some of the battery scrap, you can be re-"reform", and then sold into the market, this piece of the battery may be the case. As for how to "reform", they said do not know.

】 【Doubt where the flow of scrap batteries?

Beginning in 2004, Zhengzhou market, rapid growth in the number dell 3r305 , dell 6Y270 , dell 75uyf of electric cars, has become an important means of transport people. According to Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wang Henan electric vehicle introduced in 2004 in Zhengzhou, electric cars years ago, is still relatively small, but in 2005 a sudden increase to 30 million units in 2006 has increased by more than 10000, the current number has now been close to 50 million.

As a power source of electric vehicles, electric vehicle batteries scrapped the number has soared, according to each cell a ~ 2-year life span, then it starting in 2006, an alarming number of batteries discarded each year. "In general, the summer we can recover 15 per month group used batteries, the winter can reach 30 group 40 group." Giant Center, said after-sales service, only they are a brand, the annual recycling of used batteries in Zhengzhou more than 300 groups.

The reporter has learned, Zhengzhou electric vehicles on the market well-known brands have at least 40, which does not include those brand-name manufacturers. Moreover, the past two years has entered the peak period of electric vehicle batteries discarded every year scrapped a few dell 851uy , dell 8N544 , dell C1295 100,000 electric vehicle batteries, but so many of the discarded batteries and the places where the final flow, but it is a suspense.

【Inside】 cells may have three kinds of flows

1. Some repair shops recovery "processing", the low-cost sales

July 16, reporters with their own electric vehicle batteries scrapped the ground, respectively, to waste recycling companies, individuals who received waste, street repair shops, electric car distribution Inquiry found that this power has been unable to provide a "waste" also able to 50 at prices ranging from 120 yuan to be acquired.

Chang waste received master said they changed hands could be sold to scrap the battery company. Cheng East electric vehicles in opening a repair shop in Mr. Liu said that accumulate to a certain amount of battery recycling, will someone come to collect their own only know that they may be sent to the battery factory. "We are manufacturers do not recall, but consumers can take the old battery to us trade-in." Giant after-sales service center Mr Zhao said that because the battery can not be apart dell D5318 , dell F287F , dell FK890, to return the factory can no longer use, so they had to the recovery of old batteries are sold on the streets of the repair shop. In the ensuing investigation, Arminio and other brands of after-sales service department also said that they used is similar to the approach.

2. Refining recycling, re-made batteries

Navigation Road, electric vehicle market, some operators multiple brands of electric cars is a clear commitment to business, the old battery can be 50 ~ 120 yuan a price recovery. A dealer on condition of anonymity, said the old battery finally went to a small battery factory is used to extract one of the lead, after processing, you can re-made battery. However, according to his understanding, Zhengzhou electric vehicles on the market brand-name manufacturers do not recall the fundamental, the final flows were the same.

3. Refinery refining pure lead

Zhejiang, an electric car manufacturer based in Zhengzhou, agent Song Qiang (a pseudonym), enter the electric car industry for almost eight years, he told reporters yesterday, a number of brand-name electric car battery recycling factory will be, will be one of the extract of lead, and then own re-made a new battery into the market, one of lead battery scrap, generally around 5% can be extracted from pure lead.

In addition to this collection, the Song, claiming there are some small dell G069H , dell G5266 , dell GD761 , private refineries, the battery inside using indigenous methods of lead extraction, lead ingots cast after the high-priced resale. It was his understanding that the private refineries are generally located in suburban or rural areas, the use of technology and equipment is relatively backward, but in recent years due to lead prices up, so there is not a small profit. "Some small repair shop, but also that he would waste the battery modification, and then re-sold." He said that, in addition to refining of lead outside the use of used batteries, another is "melted down reform", a number of electric car repair shop will be Spent electrolyte inside the battery replaced, the battery can store electricity again, and then sold to consumers low prices. He admits that transformed the battery can not be supported for too long, but due to low prices coupled with some consumers do not understand, they still have a certain market.

【】 Economic benefits and let the policy reasons for elevated

In October 2003, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Construction, Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "Waste Battery Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Policy," which stipulated, the electric vehicle manufacturers must take responsibility for recycling of waste batteries. However, in practice, because of transportation and storage costs of such links as larger expenses, this requirement is almost null and void.

Navigation on the road a certain brand of electric car dealers calculations to reporters, the dell GK479 , dell HD438 , dell KD186 battery transportation according to the "dangerous goods" to pay various charges. If the manufacturers send vehicles recycling batteries, nearly 0.4 yuan per catty required to pay the transportation and storage costs, charges at least annually spend hundreds of million yuan.

Large number of unauthorized acts of the prevalence of recycling of used batteries, it is due to profitable.

Pollution of the environment against】 【more market turmoil

At present, the use of electric vehicles on the market are generally lead-acid batteries, which the main component of the electrolyte is sulfuric acid, is highly polluting. A waste battery recycling prices generally 50 yuan to 120 yuan, far from enough of its harmless disposal.

Song Qiang said, private extraction point and the repair shop simply can not afford and can not be properly handled acid batteries are normally direct dumping. A recovery of the battery repair shop owners admit that they are the battery of lead extraction procedure is first to use saws to cut open the shell, acid directly into the sewers, leaving only a shell of lead and, although aware of acid will pollute the , but "there is no other way."

In addition to pollution, disruption to the consumer dell KD476 , dell tc030 , dell TD347 battery recycling has also created fooled possible. Mr. Liu expressed the anger, no longer believe that a bargain.

】 【Way out policy in place, regulators are in place

Zhengzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said a staff member, the battery inside the acid will pollute the environment is not in doubt, but because of Zhengzhou City, has yet to introduce relevant policies, regulations, although they have to understand this situation, but also suffer from no "law" may in accordance with "there is no support for the relevant regulations, even if we received a report that the dumping of waste was separated cells, nor punishment, only advice with battery news."

He said pollution of used batteries for electric vehicles of this situation, they also attach great importance, but also specifically to find out about the practice of the field, they also hope the relevant regulatory policies as soon as possible.

It is understood that Beijing had previously promulgated regulations, by industry and commerce, quality supervision of law enforcement and other agencies to require electric vehicle manufacturers to enter the market must be committed to the future of the used batteries for recycling, otherwise not allowed to enter the market, through such policies can make the market on the used batteries last a reasonable "way back."

Ultra-thin rechargeable battery available

Rensselaer Polytechnic University, the researchers said dell U4873 , dell Y9943 , dell RN873 they ionization liquid electrolyte by laying a layer of vertical nanotubes, has developed an ultra-thin battery. The results of a cellulose paper can store electrical energy generated.

Rensselaer Polytechnic University research team through the back of the paper to place the second nanotube electrode, a positive increase in the paper, a lithium electrode to produce an ultra-capacitor body, creating what they call the ultra-thin rechargeable battery.

"Carbon nanotubes embedded in the paper, the electrolyte immersion paper, so that its appearance, feel and weight and paper is no different," Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Professor Robert ‧ Lienhardt said.

Nano-components of paper with carbon nanotubes (black section) produced ultra-thin and ultra-capacitor energy storage cell body.

Super-capacitor body and rechargeable battery is the Rensselaer Polytechnic University, 3 Laboratory for collaborative research a year and a half results. A laboratory manufacturing carbon nanotube structures, we have to be adapted as a battery electrode. Perpendicular to the laying of a piece inspiron 1100 battery , inspiron 1300 battery of paper nanotubes, in the "nanotube forests" in the liquid into the cellulose, so the formation of the battery. The other laboratory systems to increase lithium electrode and the composition of the second nanotube electrode rechargeable battery or super capacitor body.

First of all ionization liquid dissolved cellulose, it would be transformed into gel. Liquid also serves as the battery electrolyte, the ion battery from one end of the paper delivered to the other side.

Each cell produces about 2.4 volts of paper, the power density of 0.6 milliamperes per centimeter. To get a higher voltage, the paper can be superimposed. Need for more power, paper size can be expanded. Rensselaer Polytechnic University, researchers have claimed that the inspiron 1420 battery , inspiron 1501 battery paper negative temperature 100-300 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature range can be faster and generate electricity. This kind of paper can be folded or cut into many shapes vol.

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