Monday, February 8, 2010

Japanese Nokia battery incident

The Japanese government sony vgp-bps10a/b battery ordered the Nokia battery incident report submitted by the deadline

For the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia mobile phone battery heating fire incidents have occurred, the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry ordered on the 17th of this month on the 24th Japanese company Nokia and battery information, required to submit reports.

Based on daily necessities Security Act of Japan’s consumer goods manufacturers and importers of major accidents in mastering the information within 10 days from the date is required to submit the relevant report by the Industrial Policy Bureau. After producing provinces that Nokia in violation of this provision.

Nokia Extended Battery incident report suspected violations of the laws of Japan sony vgp-bpl10 battery etc.

According to Japanese media reports, sources revealed recently that the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry has asked the Nokia mobile phone battery caused Japanese companies to provide a detailed explanation of the incident, especially in the report why the extension of product quality failures. Last week, Nokia announced that, because of overheating risks, the company will be a worldwide recall of 46 million lithium batteries Panasonic products, and free for the user to replace.

The source said that the Japanese economy, Trade and Industry was asked last Friday, President of Nokia Japan tall Mukherjee (Tyler McGee) to provide mobile phone batteries overheating information. However, the final determination of the sector, Nokia Japan, companies should provide more necessary information. Nokia previously said the company has received 100 cases in the global mobile phone batteries overheating reported, but so far there were no injuries were reported. Nokia, mainly through its purchase of Japan’s Matsushita sony vgp-bps8 battery.

METI plans to Nokia, Japanese companies in dealing with incidents of batteries overheating if there are problems under investigation. According to Japan’s Consumer Product Safety Act, in the informed product quality and after a fault occurs, manufacturers and importers should be within 10 days of the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry report. However, Nokia was informed that the Japanese mobile phone batteries overheating in the accident-related sony vgp-bps9/s battery information, with a 16 days time to submit a report. However, Maike Ji denied breaking laws, insisting that Japanese companies did not delay the Nokia report.

According to the Japanese Economy and Industry, said a Panasonic mobile phone battery on July 28 in Osaka on fire and burned part of the floor, when the piece of the battery is charging. Shortly afterwards, the Japanese fire department this incident as a “fire.” Nokia Japan last Wednesday to the Japanese Economy and Industry submitted a report, this time from the accident, has been in the past 16 days. Nokia Japan argue that until the fire department determined to make the accident of sony vgp-bps9/b battery, the company realized the seriousness of the accident, but at this time is August 6.

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