Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Optics Valley on the development of semiconductor industry

Optics Valley on the development of semiconductor industry

The rapid development of China's semiconductor industry lifebook p1510 battery, the future hope of the semiconductor industry in China. Yesterday, Optics Valley of China Development Forum on the semiconductor industry, many businessmen and experts in consensus.

Experts believe that market-driven lifebook t4220 battery source of the semiconductor industry are: As global economic integration, information flows faster and more traffic; computer, telecommunications, automotive and other consumer products, rapid development; traditional industries to upgrade its technology and equipment to improve the degree of automation.

China's major production of electronics products accounted for more than half of the world, but the core components mainly depend on imports, China's semiconductor industry, the pace of development the FPCBP155 industry and attention.

Eastern Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., President Chen Jie said: "The semiconductor industry as in highway driving, there is no export, to go on and on, the last viable enterprises, that is, than the production of gold but also profitable business." He believes that a lifebook t4210 battery region, a semiconductor company can survive in the competition, it is important to set up the industrial chain, one or two companies can not build the industrial chain to let down the supply chain have come in, so that companies will reduce the cost of the initial incoming .

Optics Valley of China's western region is building the first 12-inch chip production lines, Optics Valley Development Goals, set to open the middle of the first of its kind, set the world lifebook t4010 battery ,lifebook t4020 batteryin excellence and create a world-class semiconductor industry base.