Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The proliferation of fake batteries

The proliferation of fake batteries in Zhongguancun:

At first, Zhongguancun is not doing cell phone business, Zhongguancun is IT products, digital products, distribution center, but the emergence of smart phones, making a number of the electronic dictionary, handheld computer business transformation, start selling smart phones, at a time when the supply is mainly parallel, because the audience is more smart phone itself is small and expensive, so when a small amount of high prices, businesses are relying on high-margin, has a very nourishing, naturally, did not conspire lifebook t4000 battery , lifebook t4000d battery necessary.

Strictly speaking, this time there have been fake, but the types of a single, generic technologies are not wise, plus the time to buy smart phones are mostly enthusiasts, refined this Road, even with the fakes are also seen out. Businesses are only haggling too hard at the customer when the battery back to steal from another point of profit.

If you want to make more money is necessary to more of the goods, they need more money to flow, but does not have enough money, which leads to contradictions, so renovation of counterfeit goods and accessories has become a magic weapon for their money. In the meantime, Zhongguancun phone consumer groups(Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH) have also changed, from a small number of enthusiasts, players, into a large number of mass consumers, fake imitation technology is leaps and bounds, "high imitation," "fine imitation , "" ultra-fine imitation ", only from the literal meaning, we are now able to feel the level of fraud.

Actually, this market lacks a standardized, in the disorderly competition, we have to say, leave the battery in the Zhongguancun has been toward a proliferation.

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